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Expert NameProf. Zhimin Liu
TitleDr, Professor
DivisionShenyang Institute of Applied Ecology
Telephone86 24 83970431
Work ExperienceMy major research interests are plant ecology and restoration ecology in the arid zone of China. Nine years ago I conducted laboratory and field work relevant with desertification combating in western China, mainly involved in the project “experiments and demonstrations on the comprehensive rehabilitation of the desertified lands in Xikaze City of Tibet Autonomous Region”. From 2002 on, I have been involved in the research of vegetation processes in the sand dune field in eastern China, and my major efforts have been poured into two aspects “how plants adapt to active dunes” and “how scale and spatial pattern affect vegetation processes in the dune field”. Recently, my major research projects are “study on the relationship between vegetation restoration and scale and spatial pattern in the semi-arid sandy region” and “a comparison of soil seed bank pattern between the active and the stabilized sand dune in the Horqin Steppe”.
QualificationsPhD, Ecology, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2002
Number of Publications96
Awards1. 2004: The Ninth Scientific Award for the Young Agricultural Experts (Chinese Agricultural Association) 2. 2001: Excellent Researchers in Agriculture (China Science and Technology Ministry, China Agriculture Ministry, China Forestry Bureau, and China Ministry of Water Resources) 3. 1998Outstanding Young Experts (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Other Activities1. Member of Chinese Forest-Soil Research Association 2. Member of Chinese Desert Research Association 3. Member of the editorial board on Chinese Journal of Ecology
Publications1. Liu, Zhimin (ed). 2010. Plant Regenerative Strategies in the Horqin Sand Land. Beijing: China Meteorological Press (in Chinese) 2. Yan, Shougang, Liu, Zhimin. 2010. Effects of dune stabilization on plant diversity of interdune wetlands in the northeastern Inner Mongolia, China. Land Degradation & Development 21:51-60 3. Zhang, Le, Liu, Zhimin, Zhou, Rui, Zhai, Shanshan. 2009. Farmland expansion prediction at a pastoral village in the steppe of northern China: a spatially explicit targeting approach. Environmental Earth Sciences 59(4): 847-852 4. Liu, Zhimin, Yan, Qiaoling, Baskin, C.C. and Ma, Junling. 2006. Burial of canopy-stored seeds in the annual psammophyte Agriophyllum squarrosum (Chenopodiaceae) and its ecological significance. Plant and Soil 288:71-80 5. Liu, Zhimin (ed). 1998. Study on Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Desertified Lands in the Middle Reach of the Yarlung Zangbo River, Tibet. Beijing: China Environmental Press (in Chinese)
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