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Expert NameProf. Bingfang Wu
DivisionRemote Sensing Applications
Telephone86 10 64855689
Work Experience"Strategic Priority Research Program — Climate Change: Carbon Budget and Related Issues",Terrestrial ecosystem carbon budget estimation using satellite observation and field inventory(2011-2015) China National Science Foundation Project: Research on quantitative parametric approaches for land surface evapotranspiration models (2011-2014) China Fundamental Research (973) Programme: Regional Ecosystem Service Assessment at Loess Plateau and N-W Transect of China (2009-2013) Collaborative Project between Chinese Academy of Sciences and Three Gorges Corporation Inc., (2009-2011) China High Technology Research (863) Programme: (2009-2011) World Bank consultancy on Turfan Water projects (2009-2013) Consultancy on water management based on ET Knowledge Innovation Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Post Environmental Impact Assessment for Large Engineering Projects (2007-2010) Knowledge Innovation Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, (2007-2010) World Bank Consultancy project: ET monitoring System with Remote Sensing (2005-2009) Ministry of Water Resources: Soil Erosion Monitoring Using Remote Sensing in Haihe Basin (2004-2009) State Council Three Gorges Commission: Environmental information system for 3-Gorges Project (2002-2009) Information system for environment monitoring network over Changjiang river, database development, environment management State Council Three Gorges Commission: Environment monitoring with remote sensing in Three-Gorges Region (2002-2010)
QualificationsPost Doctor in Geo-information science and remote sensing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, 1989-1991 PhD degree in environmental planning and management, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 1989 MSc degree in water resources and system analysis, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China, 1985 BSc degree in hydraulic engineering, Jiangxi, China, 1982
Number of Publications120
Awards. The third award for Dayu Science and Technology in Hydraulics, 2008 2. The second award for “State Science and Technology Progress”, 2003 3. The second Award for “Science and Technology Progress”, Ministry of Water Resources,2002
Other Activities1. Co-leader of GEOSS Task Ag-07-03 2. Associate Editor for "Int. J. Applied Earth Observation & Geo-information" 3. Associate Editor for "J. remote sensing" (Chinese) 4. Member of Chinese Geographic Association 5. Standing Director of Chinese Environmental Remote Sensing Association
PublicationsWu Bingfang, Lu Shanlong, 2011. Watershed Remote Sensing: Methodology and a Paradigm in Hai Basin(in Chinese), Journal of Remote Sensing 15(2):201-223. Wu B F, Yan N N, Jiang L P, Chang S, 2011. A method of water consumption balance and application (in Chinese), Journal of Remote Sensing 15(2):281-297. Xiwang Zhang, Bingfang Wu(corresponding author), Feng Ling, Yuan Zeng, Nana Yan, Chao Yuan. 2010. Identification of priority areas for controlling soil erosion, CATENA2010, 1(83): 76-86 Chen Yong-bo, Wu Bing-fang,The Operation of the Three-Gorges Dam for the Ecological Flow of the Chinese Sturgeon Acipenser sinensis Reproduction: Impacts Analysis and Conservation Strategy, Journal of Applied Ichthyology(accepted) Bo-Jie Fu, Bing-Fang Wu, Yi-He Lv, Zhi-Hong Xu, Jing-Hua Cao, Dong Niu, Gui-Shan Yang, Yue-Min Zhou, 2010. Three Gorges Project: Efforts and challenges for the environment, Progress in Physical Geography. 34(6): 741-754 Wu Bingfang, Introduction of China CropWatch system with remote sensing, ISRPS Archives XXXVI-8/W48, 2006.11.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated15/08/2011 17:32:00

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