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Expert NameProf. Linghao Li
TitleProfessor and PI of RE group
DivisionInstitute of Botany
Telephone86 10 62836282/13718905539
Work ExperienceStarting from 1994, I have attended various research projects concerning grassland ecology, adaptive management of grassland ecosystems and restoration of degraded ecosystems in the agro-pastoral region of north China. As an assistant principal investigator, I was responsible for two major large –scale experimental and demonstrational projects dealing with basic scientific mechanisms for degrading and restoring processes and controlling techniques and paradigm of grasslands and farm lands in north China. Currently, I am the director of Duolun restoration ecology research station where a multi-factor complex manipulation experiment has been going on to examine the relationships between grassland ecosystems and global change since 2004. Based on the above projects, over 100 peer reviewed papers were published in the high profile journals including Nature, Ecology, Global Change Biology and so forth.
QualificationsBachelor’s, Agronomy, Inner Mongolian Agricultural University, 1986; Master’s, Ecology, Institute of Water ans soil Conservation, CAS, 1991; Ph D, Botany, Xiamen University, 1994
Number of Publications160
Other Activities
Publications1.Chen QS, Wang QB, Han XG, Wan SQ, Li LH*, 2010. Temporal and spatial variability and controls of soil respiration in a temperate steppe of northern China. Global Biogeochemical Cycles VOL. 24, GB2010, doi:10.1029/2009GB003538 2.Bai WM, Wan SQ, Niu SL, Liu WX, Chen QS, Zhang WH, Han XG, LH Li*,2010. Increased temperature and precipitation interact to affect root production, mortality, and turnover in a temperate steppe: Implications for ecosystem C cycling. Global Change Biology. 16: 1306-1316 3.Cheng WX, Chen QS, Xu YQ, Han XG and LH Li*, 2009. Climate and Ecosystem 15N Natural Abundance Along a Transect of Inner Mongolian Grasslands: Contrasting Regional Patterns and Global Patterns. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, doi:10.1029/2008GB003315. 4.Bai WM, Wang ZW, Chen QS, Zhang WH and LH Li*, 2008 . Spatial and temporal effects of nitrogen addition on root lifespan of Leymus chinensis in a typical steppe of Inner Mongolia. Functional Ecology, 22: 583-591. 5.Yuan ZY, Li Linghao* et al., 2006. Nitrogen response efficiency increased monotonically with decreasing soil resource availability: a case study from a semiarid grassland in northern China. Oecologia, 148: 564-572.
DisciplineForest and Rangeland Dynamics
Last updated16/08/2011 16:41:00

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