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Expert NameProf. Yan Li
TitleResearch Professor and Director
DivisionNational Station for Desert Ecology, Xinjiang institute of Ecology and Geography
CityUrumqi, Xinjiang
Telephone86 991 7885415
Work ExperienceDR. Li, Yan is a research professor at Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences. H received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in physical geography from Beijing Normal University and Ph.D in plant-water relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His work, published in over 70 refereed articles, has focused on plant responses, acclimation and adaptation to drought as well as water and salt movement in arid zone. Recently, Dr. Li’ s interests have shift to carbon cycle in arid zone, with special attention to the inorganic part of the carbon flux in arid/saline land. He is also serving as the and editor-in-chief for a Chinese Journal named Arid Zone Studies. Dr. Li is a and a Consultative Editor for Plant and Soil.
QualificationsPh.D in Plant water relations Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2000
Number of Publications
Awards1. Distinguished Young Scientist Award from National Natural Science foundation of China 2. Hundred Talents Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Other Activities1. Director for a National Field Station in desert ecology 2. Editor-in-chief for a Chinese Journal named Arid Zone Studies 3. Member of the scientific committee for Chinese Ecosystem Research Network 4. Consultative Editor for Plant and Soil
Publications1. Wang Y-G and Li Y et al, 2010. Profile storage of organic/inorganic carbon in soil: from forest to desert. Science of the Total Environment 408:1925-1931. 2. L-S. Tang & Y. Li & J. Zhang,2010. Biomass allocation and yield formation of cotton under partial rootzone irrigation in arid zone. Plant Soil 337:413–423 3. H. Xu, Y. Li G-Q Xu & T. Zou, 2007. Ecophysiological response and morphological adjustment of two Central Asian desert shrubs towards variation in summer precipitation. Plant, Cell and Environment 30, 399–409 4. H. Xu & Y. Li 2006. Water-use strategy of three central Asian desert shrubs and their responses to rain pulse events. Plant and Soil 285:5–17 5. Y. Li H. Xu & S. Cohen, 2005. Long term hydraulic acclimation to soil texture and radiation load in cotton. Plant, Cell and Environment 28:492-499
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