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Expert NameProf. Bao Yang
DivisionCold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Institute
CityLanzhou city, Gansu Province
Telephone86 931 4967538
Work ExperienceJanuary 2008-december 2010: climatic and environmental changes in key regions of western china since the late Holocene (grant no. 29082762), the Chinese academy of sciences (CAS) 100 talents project, [PI: BAO YANG] January 2007-december 2009: climate and environmental change in western china and bordering regions during the last two millennia (grant no. 40671196), national natural science foundation of china (NSF), [PI: BAO YANG] January 2003-december 2005: climate change and modeling on the Tibetan plateau during the last two millennia (grant no. 40201011), national natural science foundation of china (NSF), [PI: BAO YANG] December 2003-december 2006: dust emission and its relationship with desert environment during the last 2000 years (grant no. kzcx3-sw-341), the key project of the knowledge innovation engineering of the Chinese academy of sciences, [PI: BAO YANG]
QualificationsPh.D., Geography, Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2002. M.S., Geography, Lanzhou Desert Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1997.B.S., Physical Geography, Shanxi Normal University , 1994.
Number of Publications70
Awards1. The Humboldt fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt foundation 2. The 5th young scientist prize from quaternary science commission 3. The 7th national youth scientific and technical award from the geographical society of china
Other Activities1. A member of geographical society of china, geological society of china. 2. A member of quaternary society of china
Publications1. Bao Yang, Chun Qin, Achim Bräuning, Iris Burchardt, Jingjing Liu. Rainfall History for the Hexi Corridor In The Arid Northwest China During The Past 648 Years Derived From Tree Rings. 2011, International Journal of Climatology, Doi: 10.1002/Joc.2143. 2. Bao Yang, Yafeng Shi, Achim Braeuning, and Jianxun Wang. Evidence for a Warm-Humid Climate in Arid Northwestern China during 40-30 Ka Bp, Quaternary Science Reviews, 23(23-24): 2537-2548. 3. Bao Yang, Jinsong Wang, Achim Brauning, Zhibao Dong, Jan Esper. Late Holocene Climatic and Environmental Changes In Arid Central Asia. Quaternary International. 2009. 194(1-2), 68-78. Doi:10.1016/J.Quaint.2007.11.020. 4. Bao Yang, Zhang Ziyin, Achim Braeuning, Zhibao Dong, Jan Esper. Dust Storm Frequency and Its Relation to Climate Changes in Northern China. Atmospheric Environment, 41: 9288-9299. 5. Bao Yang, Achim Braeuning, Shi Yafeng and Chen Fahu. Evidence for a Late Holocene Warm and Humid Climate Period and Environmental Characteristics in the Arid Zones of Northwest China during 2.2~1.8 Kyr B.P... Journal Of Geophysical Research, Vol. 109, D02105, Doi: 10.1029/2003jd003787.
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