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Expert NameProf. Mingan Shao
DivisionUniversity Department
Telephone86 10 64889270
Work ExperienceMy first project (“Mathematical simulation on water movement in SPAC”, 1987-1990), as Principal Investigator, was funded by the Young Scholars Award Foundation of CAS. Since then, I have advised on about 35 projects, with total funds ~ 45 815 000 RMB, including the National Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scientists (2001-2004). While performing in these roles, I was also frequently involved in field and practical investigations and consultation, which added to my experience. My primary emphasis in research is water, heat, and mass transport in soil, and other basic and applied research in the area of soil physics. The main academic achievements I accomplished are developing: (1) a general similarity theory for water flow in soils; (2) an extended boundary layer theory for solute transport in soils; and (3) a dynamic model of soil water availability to plants.
QualificationsPh.D., Soil Science, Iowa State University (USA), 1996
Number of Publications352
Awards1. Science and Technology Award for Young Scientists of China (1988) 2. Awarded Government Special Allowance of State Council (1999) 3. Nominated Award for Distinguished Young Scientists of China (2002)
Other Activities1. Vice Chairperson of Soil Science Society of China (2004- present) 2. President of Soil Science Society of Shaanxi Province (1998- present) 3. Consultant of China Consulting Committee for Agriculture (1999- present) 4. Consultant of Ecological and Environmental Improvement of Shaanxi Province (2000- present) 5. Vice Chairman of Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Soil Erosion and Dryland Farming on Loess Plateau (1997 - 2005)
Publications1. Shao Mingan, 1999. Soil Erosion and Dryland Farming on the Loess Plateau, Shaanxi Science and Technology Press, Xi’an. 2. Shao Mingan, Huang Mingbin, 2000. Water Dynamics in Soil-plant System, Shaanxi Science and Technology Press, Xi’an 3. Shao Mingan, 2002. Soil Physics and Eco-environmental Construction, Shaanxi Science and Technology Press, Xi’an 4. Shao Mingan, Wang Quanjiu, Huang Mingbin, 2006. Soil Physics, Higher Education, Beijing 5. Shao Mingan, Ma Donghao, Zhu Yuanjun, Wang Huifang, Zhou Beibei, 2010. Study on Soil Water within Soil-stone mixture on the Loess Plateau. Science Press, Beijing
DisciplineSoil Science
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