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Expert NameMr. Bo Wu
TitleAssocist Professor, Director
DivisionDivision for Combating Desertification
InstitutionChinese Academy of Forestry
Telephone86 10 62 88 95 68
Work Experience-Assistant Professor, division for combating desertification, RDCCD & CAF, Beijing China -Associate Professor, division for combating desertification RDCCD & CAF, Beijing China, 1999-present -UNDP training on monitoring and evaluating desertification based on remote sensing and geographical information system techniques, the Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research, Ben-Gurion Univ. of Negev, Israel, 1999 -RESARCH EXPERIENCE -ninth-five-year key project from the State Science and Technology Commission of China: Indicator Systems and Dynamics Evaluation of Sandy Desertification, 1996-2000 -Science and Technology Development Foundation of Chinese Academy of Forestry granted project: Features of Landscape Dynamics in Desertification Processes, 1998-2000 -the key project from National Foundation of Natural Sciences of China: Mechanisms of desertification development and optimized methods for desertification process and Control of northern China, 2001-2005 -the project from Na
QualificationsPh.D. Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1997 M.S., Environmental Geography, Peking University, 1994 B.S. Physical Geography, Peking Univ. 1991
Number of Publications21
Awards-The Dr. Y.S. Rao Forestry Research Award 2000 for the most outstanding paper, Asia Pacific Association of Forestry Research Institutions, Kuala Lumpur, Forestry, Beijing China -Award of Excellent Papter, the Reseach Institute of Forestry, Chinese Academ
Other Activities-Member of the council of China National Sand Control and Desert industry Society -Member of the council of China Landscape Ecology Branch of the International Association for Landscape Ecology -Member of Chinese Ecology Society -Member of Chinese Forestry Society -Preparing the proposal of B& I system for Desertification Monitoring and Assessment in Asian Region in since 2001 for TPNI ad Hoc group of asian regional thematic -Participant in project from UNDP: Capacity Building for the Implementation of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, 1996-2000
Publications-“Landscape Change and Desertification Development in the Mu Us Sandland, Northern China,” Journal of Arid Environment. 50: 429-444, 2002 -“Developing stages and causes of desertification in the Mu Us Sandland” Chinese Science Bulletin, 44 (9): p. 845-849, 1999 -“Landscape classification and cartography of sandy desertified land: a case study Mu Us Sandland” Acta Phytoecologia Sinica, 24 (1): 52-57, 2000 -“Desertification prone Climate Types in China” in Desert Development, the Endless Frontier vol. I – proceedings of the fifth International Conference on Desert Development, Texas Tech. Univ. USA, 1996 -“Desertification: Urgent Challenge China faces,” Kaiming Press, Beijing, 2000
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