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Expert NameMr. Renquing Wang
TitleDoctor Professor
DivisionDept. Of Ecology and Biodiversity, School of Life Science
InstitutionSchool of Life Science, Shandong University
CityLaixi city
Telephone86 531 83 63 573
Work Experience-HIGHER EDUCATION Majored in Botany, dept. of Biology, Shandong Univ, China, 1975-1979 Majored in Ecology, dept. of Biology, Shandong Univ, China, 1979-1982 Majored in restoration ecology, Shandong Univ, China, 1999-2003 -DEGREE B.Sc.: Shandong Univ, China 1979 M.S.: Shandong Univ, China 1982 Ph.D. 2003 ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE Present: Lecture, associate Prof. Professor Teaching conservation biology, forest ecology, advances in ecology Researcher at abroad, forest vegetation restoration From 1982-1992 the research focus on the warm-temperature zone vegetation studies their components, structures, functions and successions etc.
Qualifications-Bc, Major in Botany, Shandong Univ. 1975-1979 -Msc, Major in Ecology, Shandong Univ. 1979-1982 -Ph.D. Major in Restoration Ecology, Shandong Univ. 1999-2003
Number of Publications50
Awards-Secondary Award of Science, Ministry of Education
Other Activities-Member of Shadong Forest Association -Member of International Association of Vegetation Science -Member of Intern. Ecological Society -Member of Ecological Society of America
Publications-Vegetation of Shadong” Shandong Science and Technology press: Jinan 2000 -“Study on the Camelia japonica population size structure and spatial parent.” Acta Phytoecologica Sinica, 24 (1)_ 118-122, 2000 -“Genetic diversity and clonal structure of phragmitis australis in the Yellow River Delta, China,” Biochemical systematics and ecology in press, 2003 -“Theory and practices for forest vegetation restoration.” Acta Phytoecologia Sinica, 26 /1): 78-85, 2002 -“Restoration and Recon structure of Shandong forest vegetation using ecological method.” Jour of Shandong Forest Science and Technology, (4): 3-6, 2002
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