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Expert NameMr. Zhibao Dong
TitleAssociate Professor
DivisionInstitute of Desert Research
InstitutionChinese Academy of Sciences
Telephone86 0931 8847614
Work Experience1. Took part in the Seventh-Five-Year Term Research Project Sponsored by the State Planning Committee and the Department of Agriculture - The Monitoring of the Desertification in the Past Ten Years and the Prediction of its Future Development Trend in the North of China, including the field survey, mapping and calibration of the desertification area. 1992-1995. 2. Took part in the State-Eighth-Five-Year term key research project - The Blown Sand Control System Along the Tarim Desert Oil-Transportation Highway, including field survey, determination of highway route location and direction, field observation and laboratory simulation of the blown sand behavior, design of the protection system, etc. 1996-1998: study soil and water conservation, in particular, wind erosion and its control at USDA-ARS Agricultural Research Station, Big Spring, Texas, USA.
QualificationsBachelor of Sciences, Physical Geography, Geography, Shaanxi Normal College, China, Sept. 1994-July, 1988. Master of Sciences, Aeolian Geomorphology, Institute of Desert Research, Academy of Scoiences (IDRCAS) Sept. 1988-July 1991. Doctor of Sciences, Wind Erosion and Aeolian Processes in IDRCAS. Jan. 13, 1995.
Number of Publications150
AwardsReceived the President Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1994.
Other Activities
Publications1. Dong Zhibao, Chen Weinan, and Li Zhenshan, 1996. The laboratory Study on the Role of Vegetation in Soil Erosion by Wind, Journal of Soil Erosion and Soil and Water Conservation. Vol. 2(2): 1-8. 2. Dong Zhibao, Chen Weinan and Dong Guangrong, 1996. Influences of Vegetation Cover on the wind erosion of sandy soil. J. Acta Scientiae Circumstantiae. Vol. 16(4): 437-443. 3. Dong Zhibao, Li Zhenshan, 1996. Analysis of the Moisture-Based Resistance of the Soil to Wind Erosion in Liudaogou Micro-River Basin. Journal of Desert Research, Vol. 116(3):275-280. 4. Dong Zhibao, Cheng Weinan, 1995. The Quantitative Relationship between Wind Erosion and Man-made Surface Structure Desertification. J. Chinese Science Bulletin. Vol. 40(1): 54-58. 5. Dong Zhibao, etc. 1995. A brief outline of the Wind Erosion Research History, Abroad, Journal of Desert Research. 15(1).
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