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Expert NameProf. Longjun Ci
DivisionNational Bureau to Combat Desertification
InstitutionNational Forestry Administration
Telephone86 62889007(O) 58213070 (H)/ 58213071
Work Experience1. 1958-1979: The Academy of Forestry Science of Xinjiang, as principal researcher in the Dept. of Desert Management and Windbreaks Shelterbelts from 1958 to 1975, in the field of desert reclamation, establishment of protection shelterbelts, soil and wa
Qualifications1. 1952-1956: B.S. Degree of Forestry Dept. of Beijing Forestry College. 2. 1956-1958: M.S. Degree of Soil & Water Conservation Dept. of Beijing Forestry College. 3. 1980-1982: Visiting Fellow to Cornell University, USA to further study on soil physi
Number of Publications50
Awards1. Prizes of both National and Provincial Advanced "March 8th Banner Research Worker" in 1959. 2. Research and Achievement Prize of China National Science Conference on Study on Prevention of Farmland from Wind-sand Disasters 1978. 3. Prize for Study
Other Activities1. Senior Advisor of CCICCD. 2. Director General of China National Bureau to Combat Desertification, Ministry of Forestry. 3. Vice President of Chinese Academy of Forestry. 4. Horn Professor of Beijing Forestry University. 5. Director of China Na
Publications1. Land Evaluation and Expert System for Combating Desertification, China Forestry Publishing House, 1997. 2. Global Change and Its Impacts on Desertification in China, Journal of Natural Resources N°4, Vol. 9, 1994. 3. Land Degredation and Desertifi
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