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Expert NameProf. Siheng Sun
TitleDeputy Chief Engineer
DivisionChina National Desertification Monitoring Centre
InstitutionAcademy of Science
Telephone86 10 64229944/3265
Work ExperienceBefore 1985, my working experiences were about forest sampling survey and continuous inventory, forestry development planning, forest resource consumption and afforestation investigation, etc. In 1986-1991, as the project leader and first scientist researcher on the national scientific and technical key project "Remote Sensing Research on Renewable Natural Resources in desert oasis areas of Xinjiang Autonomous Region". During 1992-1994, I was in charge of the project of Trend research on China's Forest Resources (1993-2010); As a consultant worked for two projects of the World Bank. One was China GEF-B project about nature reserves and biodiversity conservation. Another was China Shulehe Project about agricultural comprehensive development in dry arid area of Gansu Province. From 1994 until now, I am the technical chief of China national desertification survey, monitoring and information management project.
QualificationsForestry, Beijing Forestry University, 1963. Intensive English Training, Beijing Second Foreign Language College, 1982.
Number of Publications20
Awards1. National significant achievement award of China National Science and Technique key projects, as a project leader, 1991. 2. The second prize of science and technique progress awarded by Ministry of Forestry, P.R. China, as a project leader, 1992.
Other Activities1. 1983-1985: as a visiting scholar working on forest resources inventory, assessment and growth modeling at both southeastern and north central Forest Experiment Stations, Forest Service, USDA. 2. 1995. As a member of the China national delegation of Combating Desertification visited Israel. 3. Member of Council in China Association of Sand Control and Industry. 4. Member of Council in China Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE China Branch). 5. Membership in China Forestry Association.
Publications1. Sun Siheng, 1991, "Remote Sensing Research on Renewable Resources - Farmland Shelterbelts Region of Desert Oasis in Xinjiang", China Foresry Publishing House; Summary of the book contributed to the ASPRS/ACSM/RT92, Technical paper, Volume 5, page 407, Washington DC 1992. 2. Xu Guanhua, Sun Siheng etc., 1994, "Remote Sensing Theory and its Technical Application for Renewable Resources in the Three North Shelter Forest Region", China Forestry Publishing House. 3. Sun Siheng, etc, 1992, "The afforestation in China and its Monitoring by Remote Sensing Data", Global Change Proceedings, ISY (International Space Year), Beijing. 4. Sun Siheng, 1994, "General Technical Plan for Desertification Monitoring in China". 5. Sun Siheng, 1995, "Main Technical Problems of China's Desertification Monitoring", conference proceedings of China Association of Sand Control and Industry.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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