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Expert NameProf. Hongbo Ju
DivisionResearch Inst. of Forest Resources Inf. Technique
InstitutionChinese Academy of Forestry
Telephone86 10 62 88 91 60
Work ExperienceMy major research fields are forest inventory and monitoring using remote sensing, GIS and GPS technology, including forest fire monitoring, forest management and planning. The projects I have participated in are as follows: a) Research of comprehensive
Qualifications1. B.S. Forestry, Northeast University of Forestry, 1982. 2. M.S. Forest management, Beijing Forest University, 1986. 3. Ph.D. Remote Sensing & GIS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1996.
Number of Publications5
Awards1. The second award of Ministry of Forestry for Science and Technology Progress, 1994. 2. Special award of Chinese government, 1993. 3. The first award of Ministry of Forestry for science and technology progress, 1991. 4. The third award for nation
Other Activities1. The 4th international general meeting of GRNS, Japan, Yokohama, Jan. 23-25, 1997. 2. Investigation of tropical forest, Malaysia, Aug. 07-21, 1995. 3. Technique exchange and investigation of GIS, United States, Jan. 5-Apr. 4, 1992. 4. Member of F
Publications1. Ju Hongbo, 1994, Auxiliary decide making information system for resources management, Journal of Forest Science and Technology, p. 28-32. 2. Ju Hongbo, 1994, Applications of GIS in forest of China. Symposium of GIS technology and management in Chin
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated12/08/2011 12:57:00

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