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Expert NameProf. Shuhong Cui
TitleProgram Officer
DivisionDepartment of Nature Conservation
InstitutionState Environmental Protection Administration
Telephone86 10 66 15 50 47
Work Experience1. 1988-1990: Researcher as the national 7th five-year planning programme entitled Study on the Development of Desertification and its Prediction in Northern China. 2. 1990-1993: Main Researcher as the national 8th five-year planning programme entitled Ecological Vulnerable Zone and its Control Technical in China. 3. 1993-1995: Main Researcher as the National Fund for Natural Sciences project entitled the Features and Development of Desertification in Southern China. 4. 1994-up to date: Main Researcher and Coordinator as the UNEP/NEPA joint project entitled Study on the Combating Deseeertification/Land Degradation in China. 5. 1994-1998: Researcher as Sino-Japan joint project entitled Evaluation of prevention and remedies for desertification.
QualificationsPh.D. Institute of Desert Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1993.
Number of Publications5
Other ActivitiesMember of Desert Society China
Publications1. Land Degradation and Its Disasters in Granite Region. Bulletin of Water and Soil Conservation (inChinese) 1994 (5). 2. Land Degradation and Its Control Strategies in the Dry-hot Valley of Yuanmou, Yunnan Province. Journal of Geographical Research (in Chinese) 1995 (1). 3. Desertification in China: Status, Trends and Strategies, Journal of Chinese Geography, 1995, 5 (3). 4. Features of Distribution and Assessment for Control Measures of Desertification in China (in Chinese). Acta China Environmental Science, 1995, 16 (5). 5. Biodiversity and Desertification in the Dryland of China, Journal of Arid Land Studies, 1995, 5s.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated16/08/2011 10:00:00

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