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Expert NameProf. Bojie Fu
DivisionResearch Centre for Eco-Env. Sciences
InstitutionChinese Academy of Sciences
Telephone86 10 62923557
Work Experience-Methodology of land sustainable use evaluation - Landscape spatial patterns analysis and ecological processes -Soil erosion and land use in the loess plateau of China -Effects of land use and landscape patterns changes on ecological processes -Having been doing important research projects as PI such as the National Key Basic Research Program on Ecosystem Service and Ecological Security in China, Regional biodiversity conservation, and soil erosion and ecological rehabilitation in western China
QualificationsEnvironmental Sciences, Peking University (Beijing, China) and University of Stirling, UK.,1989; M.Sc. Physical Geography, Shaanxi Normal University (Xi’an, China),1984; B.Sc., Geography, Shaanxi Normal University(Xi’an, China), 1982
Number of Publications260
Awards1. National Natural Science Award of the 2nd Class in 2005 2. "Study on ecological-environmental improvement in the Mao Wu Su desert, Shaanxi Province, National Science and Technology Progress Prize, 1992 3. Young Scientist Award of the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 1998
Other Activities1. Vice president of the International Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE) 2. Executive board member of International Association for Ecology (INTECOL) 3. Vice Chairman of Scientific Committee of Chinese Ecosystem Research Network 4. Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Geographical sciences and editorial board members of other international journals such as Landscape Ecology, Soil Use Management, Landscape and Urban Planning, and Sustainability Science 5. Vice Chairman of SCOPE China
Publications1. Bojie Fu, Yihe Lü and Liding Chen. 2008. Expanding the bridging capability of landscape ecology. Landscape Ecology 23(4): 375-376, Springer, Berlin 2. Bojie Fu, Liding Chen, Keming Ma, Huafeng Zhou, Jun Wang. 2000. The relationships between land use and soil conditions in the hilly area of the loess plateau in northern Shaanxi, China. Catena 39: 69-78. Elsevier 3. Bojie Fu, Liding Chen. 2000. Agricultural landscape spatial pattern analysis in the semi-arid hill area of the Loess Plateau, China. Journal of Arid Environments 44: 291-303, Elsevier._ 4. Bojie Fu, Shenggong Li, Xiubo Yu, Ping Yang, Guirui Yu, Renguo Feng, Xuliang Zhuang. 2010. Ecological Complexity 7: 225-233, Elsevier. 5. Bojie FU, Zhijian YANG, Pingwen ZHANG, Yanglin WANG.2001. A mathematical model of soil moisture spatial distribution on the hill slopes of the Loess Plateau. Science in China (Series D) 44:395-402, Science in China Press, Beijing.
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