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Expert NameMs. Youju Jin
InstitutionBeijing Forestry University
Telephone86 10 62338171
Work Experience1. Mechanism of flowering promotion of coniferous trees by exogenous gibberellins (National Natural Science Foundation, 1989-1991, participant). 2. Relationship between terpene composition in essential oil of Chinese pine needles and their fast growing and insect resistance (NNSF, 1992-1994, participant). 3. Studies on chemical relationship between poplar and black locust (key project of NNSF, 1992-1996, participant). 4. Study on the attractant of mulberry longicorn (National Key Project, 1991-1995, participant). 5. Study on the attractant of poplar longicorn (National Key Project, 1996-2000, participant).
QualificationsB.S. Chemistry, Science and Technology, University of China, 1967
Number of Publications25
Other Activities1. Engaged in advanced study on phytohormone analysis in University College of Wales (1985). 2. Member of Chinese Mass Spectrometer Society (1992- ). 3. Deputy director of Beijing Agriculture and Forestry Committee of Jiu San Society (1996- ).
Publications1. Jin Youju et al. 1994. Terpene composition of needle oil from Pinus tabulaeformis and the comparison with other two-needle pines. J. Beijing For. Univ. 16:38-47. 2. Jin Youju et al. 1997. Effect of nutrient element deficiencies and mixture plantation with Populus and nitrogen fixation of Robinia peudoacacia. In "Researches on mixed forest plantations", p. 88. China Forestry Publishing House. 3. Chen Huajun, Jin Youju et al. 1997. Biochemical components in root and root secretion of potted poplar and black locust. In "Researches on mixed forest plantations", p. 78. China Forestry Publishing House. 4. Jin Youju, 1992. Application of GC-MS technique on plant hormones analysis. Plant Physiology Communications. 28:72-77. 5. Yin Weilun, Jin Youju et al. 1992. Studies on the dynamics of endogenous GAs, ABA and IAA in the shoot apex of Chinese pine in relation to male cone bud initiation. J. Beijing For. Univ. (Eng. Ed.) 1:55-63.
DisciplinePhysical Science
Last updated09/11/2006 16:36:00

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