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Expert NameMr. Jiagang Liu
DivisionBasic Sciences and Info. Engineering College
InstitutionBeijing Forestry University
Telephone86 10 62338136
Work Experience- Research Associate: Dynamical System Models and Their Application to Ecological Systems (1995-1997), Supported by Foundation of City University of Hong Kong. - Advisory: A New Radiation Transfer Theory in Vegetation (1992-1994), Supported by National Scientific Foundation of China. - Participant: Simulative Study in Laboratory of Forest Hydrology (1985-1990), Supported by Foundation of Academy of Sciences of China. - Participant: Study of Nutrition Dynamics of Populations (1987-1989), Supported by National Scientific Foundation of China. - Participant (Associate Engineer): Study of Information Memory of Optical Holography (1975-1980), Supported by Tianjin Radio Technology Institute, China. - Electrician, Tianjin Building Machine Manufacture, China (1970-1975).
Qualifications1. Theoretical Physics, Beijing University, 1967 (No degree award in China then) 2. Master degree, Concentrated Physics, Science and Technology University of China, 1991.
Number of Publications28
AwardsParticipant: Second prize, Natural Science Awards of Academia Sinica for Simulative Study in Laboratory of Forest Hydrology.
Other Activities1. Vice-Director, Agriculture and Forestry Branch of High Education Committee, Physical Society of China. 2. Council Member, Physical Society of Beijing. 3. Council Member, Forest Meteorology Committee, Forestry Association of China. 4. Committee Member, Academic Committee of Beijing Forestry University.
Publications1. Cui Qiwu, Liu Jiagan, Nutrition Dynamics of Populations, Publisher of Sciences, Beijing, 1991 (in Chinese). 2. Liu Jiagang, Correlativity of Distribution of Vegetation Medium, J. of Beijing Forestry University, 14(1992),4:20-28 (in Chinese). 3. Liu Jiangang, A Theoretical Model of the Process of Rainfall Interception in Forest Canopy, Ecological Modeling, 42(1988), 111-123 (in English). 4. Liu Jiagang, K. W. Chung and H.S.Y. Chen, 1997., An Ordinary Differential Equation Model of Succession of Korean Pine Broadleaf Forest, J. Bio. Systems (to press) (in English). 5. Liu Jiagang, Pei Tiefan, et al., One-Dimensional Model of Delayed Surface Runoff, In Litter Layers of Broad-Leaved Korean Pine Forest, J. of Applied Ecology, 1(1990),2:107-113. (in Chinese).
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