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Expert NameDr. Shirong Liu
TitleDr., Professor & Director
DivisionResearch Inst. of Forest Ecol. & Envir. Protection
InstitutionChinese Academy of Forestry
Telephone86 10 62 88 95 54
Work ExperienceI have led the following major research projects: 1) Hydroecological functions of forest ecosystems in China", one of the six sub-projects from the top project "Studies on Function and Structure of Chinese Forest Ecosystems and Monitoring Network" sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC). 2) Effects of Seabuckthorn on nutrient cycling and productivity of poplar plantation in semi-arid area of China, sponsored by International Foundation for Science. 3) Studies on conservation techniques for foret biodiversity in warm-temperate zone of China, sponsored by the Ministry of Forestry. 4) Studies on monitoring network construction and planning of natural land ecosystems in China, sponsored by the World Bank Loan Project. 5) As a key member participating in the project "The likely impacts of climate change on forests in China and its adaptation strategy", sponsored by State Scientific and Technical Commission of China. 6) Sub-Project leader for the project “Mec
QualificationsSept. 1980 to July 1984: B.Sc. Diploma, working on "Site Classification and Growth Analysis of Forests in Semi-arid Area of China", the Shenyang Agricultural University, China. Sept. 1984 to June 1987: M.Sc. degree, working on Resistance and Physiological Response of Forest Tree Species to Environmental Stress", the Shenyang Agricultural University, China. Sept. 1987 to July 1990: Ph.D., working on Structure and Function of Forest Ecosystems, Northeast Forestry University, China. Jan. 1994-
Number of Publications65
Awards1. In 1993, I gained the third class-prize of a provincial scientific and technical progress for the project "Studies on ecophysiology and synecology of larch plantations". 2. In 1997, I received the fourth-term Forestry Scientific and Technical Award
Other ActivitiesAt the moment I am involved in the Nine five-year national research project "Information system construction and monitoring and quantitative assessment of functions and effects for forestry eco-engineering". I am also serving for two international projects as consultant for natural resource management, I.e. GEF-project "Management of Nature Reserves in China" and UNDP-project "Capacity Building to Combating Desertification in China". I am holding the following academic positions: 1) Deputy-coordinator, Subject groups: uneven aged silviculture, Division I - Silviculture, International Union of Forestry Research Organisation (IUFRO) 2) Standing member of a council, Chinese Society of Ecology 3) Vice secretariat general, Forest Ecology Association, Chinese Society of Forestry 4) Secretariat general, the Open Research Laboratory of Forest Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Forestry, P.R. China. 5. Deputy chairman, Chinese society of Ecology
Publications1. Liu Shirong et al. 1993. Geographic distribution of actual productivity of forests in China. Foret Research 6(6):633-642. 2. Liu Shirong et al. 1994. Simulation of primary productivity of forests in China. Forest Research 7(4):425-430. 3. Liu Shirong. 1995. Nitrogen cycling and dynamic analysis of man made larch forest ecosystem. Journal of Plant and Soil. 168-168:391-397. 4. Liu Shirong et al. 1996. Ecohydrological Functions of Forest Ecosystems in China. Beijing, China Forestry Publishing House, pp. 346. 5. Liu Shirong, et al. 1996. Current endangering status and causes of forest biodiversity and conservation strategy in China. World Forestry Research. Vol.9:137-144.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated15/08/2011 16:36:00

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