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Expert NameMs. Jing Long
TitleChief Engineer of Desertif. Monitoring Center
DivisionAcademy of Forest Inventory & Planning
InstitutionMinistry of Forestry
Telephone86 10 64229944-3265
Work Experience1995-present: being mainly engaged in national desertification monitoring, taking charge of science and technology as chief engineer of division, mainlly directing remote sensing and GIS technique, and interpreting of image and mapping. 1991-1995: participated in project of UNDP CPR/91/151. Establishing National Forest Resources Monitoring Systems as director of remote sensing research. Being in charge of the project of forest disease and insect pests monitoring and evaluating at same time. 1986-1990: participated in National Seventh Five-year key project as technique manager on application of remote sensing. Working in monitoring and assessing of forest fire and other disasters. 1981-1985: participated in National Sixth five-year key project on remote sensing working in image processing and classification, and inventory and monitoring of forest resources.
QualificationsMaster Degree of Science, Remote Sensing of Natural Resources, Peking University, 1981.
Number of Publications20
Awards1. The Second Award Prize of Science and Technology by Ministry of Forestry of PRC in 1992. 2. The Second Award Prize of Science and Technology by Ministry of Forestry of PRC in 1989. 3. The Third Award Prize of Science and Technology by Chinese Acad
Other Activities1. A Member of Chinese geography society. 2. A Member of Chinese Environmental Remote Sensing Society. 3. A Member of Chinese GIS Society.
Publications1. Long Jing, 1997, The Application of Remote Sensing and GIS Technology to Desertification Monitoring. Proceedings of International Discusion about Forest Resources Monitoring, 35. 2. Long Jing, 1996, Monitoring of Pine Moth Disaster Using TM Image Data, Forest Resources Management, 1996(5), 74-76. 3. Long Jing, 1991, Improving Classification Precise of TM Image Using Context Method, Remote Sensing Research on Renewable Resources in Desert Oasis Regions, 33-36, China Forestry Publishing House. 4. Long Jing, Zhu Jinzhong, 1991. Method Research on Grassland Classification with TM Image in Desertification Region, Remote Sensing Research on Renewable Resources in Desert Oasis Region, 274-278, China Forestry Publishing House. 5. Kou Wenzheng, Long Jing, 1989, Evaluation of Forest Damage by Wind Using TM Data, Remote Sensing on National Land Resources, 1989(1).
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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