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Expert NameDr. HaiLin Song
DivisionCredit Management Department
InstitutionPeople's Bank of China
Telephone86 10 66194526
Work ExperienceFrom Jul. 1995 to May 1997, I worked for planning and fund department of the People's Bank of China. Firstly, I was at the third division of bank business, the main duty was to be responsible for the business connection with the State Development Bank, to research how to raise and use policy funds and establish capital maarket. Thereafter I worked at integrated analysis division, mainly engage in monetary policy analysis and cash management. From May 1997 on, I work at credit policy division of credit management department of PBC, the main duty is credit policy analysis and project management. As far as I know, Chinese banks spend much credit funds in harnessing desert and bare hills every year. We will do well in this field further in the future.
QualificationsBachelor of Economics, Economy Planning, Nanjing Economy Inbstitute, 1986. Master's Degree, Economy Management, Zhongnan Finance University, 1992. Doctor's Degree, Macroeconomy and Banking, Liaoning University, 1995.
Number of Publications5
AwardsGot the excellent government functionary in 1996.
Other ActivitiesAttend an international seminar on reserve requirements in Chongqing, June 1996.
Publications1. Song Hailin, How to Use Fine-Tuning Measure to Implement Appropriately Tight Monetary Policy, Financial Research, Vol. 1, 1997. 2. Song Hailin, Some Problems Existed in Current Cash Management and Countermeasures, Hainan Finance, Vol. 7, 1997. 3. Song Hailin, Emphasis on Financial Regulation - Structural Adjustment under The Aggregate Control, Financial News, N°6, Sept. 16, 1997. 4. Song Hailin, Analysis on Chinese Industrial Structure Coordination, Jan. 1997, China Finance and Economics Press. 5. Song Hailin, Co-writer, Chinese Financial Analysis and Forecast in 1996-1997, Apr. 1997, Economics and Science Press.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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