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Expert NameMr. Jiaji Wang
TitleDirector/Associate Professor
DivisionEcological Plan Dept.
InstitutionChinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
Telephone86 10 64232255-324
Work ExperienceAccumulating rich experience in the field of environment plan. For instance, in the ecological plan of three rivers area in Tibet, the specific ecological strategies on the causes of formation, development trend and control measure of desertification in the river valley area were put forward. The plan also introduced the way of agricultural development in the river valley area. It pointed that agricultural development should not only rely on reclaiming wasteland, but also rely on spreading advanced agricultural technology to change the condition of the low producing level and make the midday-yield field into the high-yield field; or/and changing the low-yield field into the forest land and grass land so as to control the development of desertification.
QualificationsAgronomy, Hebei Agricultural University, 4 years.
Number of Publications24
Awards1. Won the first ministry prize of science and technology progress one time. 2. Won the third ministry prize of science and technology progress one time.
Other Activities1. The senior member of Chinese Environmental Sciences Institute. 2. The member of the standing committee of Chinese Ecological Economy Institute. 3. The member of the Natural Resource Committee of the Chinese Association for GIS.
Publications1. "Theory and Application of Landscape Ecology", Chinese Environmental Sciences Press, 1993. 2. Landscape Ecology Assessment in the Plan of Touring City, Researcxh of Environmental Sciences, 1996. 3. The Cause of Ecological Destruction in Mining of China, Conservation and Utilization of Mineral Resources, 1997. 4. Monitoring on Variations of Sanya City Landscape, Chinese Environmental Sciences, 1997. 5. Research on Desertification Control on Three Rivers Area. Drought and Desertification, 1998.2.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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