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Expert NameDr. Min-Jian Wang
TitleAss. Prof., Dr. of Water Poll. Control Division
DivisionResearch Center for Eco-Env. Sciences
InstitutionChinese Academy of Sciences
Telephone86 10 62925511 ext. 2141
Work ExperienceProjects involved as the project leader: 1. "Biodegradability of chlorobenzenes", Open funding of the State Key Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control, 1995-1997. 2. "Organic pollutants in sewage sludges", Funding for various projects from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Personnel Ministry and the State Education Commission, 1995-1997. 3. "Sewage sludge Composting and combined fertilizers", State Key Project of China, 1996-1999. 4. "Transformation and transportation of organic pollutants in soil", National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1997-1999. 5. "Simulation system for the behaviour of orgnic pollutant sin sol", Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1997-1998. 6. "Food pollution and tis control in Beijing", State key project of China, 1997-1999. 7. "Water-saving and the balance between water resources and water demand", Key project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1997-2000. Projects involved as a participant: 1. "Investigation of organ
QualificationsPh.D. Environmental Chemistry, Lancaster University, Apr. 1990 - Sept. 1993. M.Sc. Physical Chemistry, Northeast Normal University, Sept. 1984 - Dec. 1987. B.Sc. Chemistry, Northeast Normal University, March 1978 - Jan. 1982.
Number of Publications27
Awards1. Award for Progress in Science and Technology, Jilin Provincial Government, 1984. 2. Award for Progress in Science and Technology, National Environmental Protection Agency, 1985. 3. Award for Progress in Science and Technology, Jilin Provincial Gov
Other Activities1. Professor in the Graduate College of the University of Science and Technology of China. 2. Professor in the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences of Northeast Normal University. 3. Expert Associate of the Working Group on Cleaner Production, the China Council of International Cooperation on the Environment and Development. 4. Member of the International Association on Water Quality. 5. Member of the Chinese Chemical Society. 6. Member of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences.
Publications1. Wang, M.J.; Jones, K.C. 1994, Uptake of chlorobenzenes by carrots from spiked and sewage sludge amended soil; Environ. Sci. Technol.; 28, 1260-1267. 2. Wang, M.J.; Jones, K.C. 1994. The behaviour and fate of chlorobenzenes in spiked and sewage sludge amended soil. Environ. Sci. Technol. 28, 1843-1852. 3. Wang, M.J.; McGrath, S.P.; Jones, K.C. 1995. Chlrobenzenes in field soil with a history of multiple sewage sludge applications; Environ. Sci. Technol. 29, 356-362. 4. Wang, M.J.; Bokern, M.; Böhme, C.; Jones, K.C.; Harms, H. 1996. Phytotoxicity, uptake and metabolism of 1,4-dichlorobenzene by plant cells; Environ. Toxic. Chem.; 15, 1109-1114. 5. Wang, M.J. 1997, Land application of sewage sludge in China; Sci. Total, Environ., 197, 149-161.
DisciplinePhysical Science
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