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Expert NameDr. Wenfa Xiao
TitleAssociate Professor
DivisionResearch Inst. of Forest Env. and Protection
Institutionno institution
Telephone86 10 62889533
Work ExperienceMy main research interests involve the tree physiological ecology study, sustainable forest management, environmental planning and ecological environmental monitoring. Current project, field and practical experiences include (1) the study on the control of environmental factors on the photosynthetic production and the characteristics of yield distribution of LinZi Spruce in Tibet (held) and Chinese Fir in Jiangxi province (participant), (2) the ecological function monitoring network of ecological forestry engineering in China (held) (3) the monitoring of territorial animal and plant in Three Gorge Areas (held) (4) the monitoring planning of forestry ecological monitoring for China including the investigation to Hetian District of Xinjiang Hui Autonomous and Qianlian Mountains of Gansu province and Jinsha river of Yunnan province (held), (5) the criteria and indicators of sustainable forestry management in China, (6) Capacity Building Research and Extension for Sustainable F
QualificationsPh.D. Forest Ecology, The Chinese Academy of Forestry, 1994.
Number of Publications18
Awards1. Member of the expert group of ecological monitoring network for Three Gorges Areas. 2. To be collected into the database for environmental monitoring experts of State Environmental Protection Agency of P.R. China.
Other Activities1. Member of special committee of Forestry hydrology and catchment control of the Chinese Forestry Society. 2. Member of the Chinese Ecology Society. 3. Principal Member of the Research Center for Sustainable Forstry Development of CAF, P.R. China.
Publications1. Xiao Wenfa, 1992. The Energy Balance of A Pinus Tabulaeformis Carr. Stand, Acta Ecology Sinica, Vol. 12, N°1. 2. Xiao Wenfa, 1994, Simulation and Experimental Study on Canopy Structure and Photosynthesis of Cunninghamia Lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook. Stands. Ph.D. Thesis, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing, China. 3. Wang Bing, Xiao Wenfa, Liu, Shirong, 1996, Status, problems and strategies to Chinese forest ecological and environmental quality, World Forestry Research, Vol. 9, N°6, p. 35. 4. Xiao Wenfa, 1997, Forest Restoration and Sustainable Forest Management in Three Gorges Areas in China. In: "The 19th Forum of Young Scientist". Chinese scientific and technichological association. Beijing, June, 1997. 5. Xu Deying, Xiao Wenfa, 1998. The Energy Use of Forest Ecosystem in China, the Chinese Forestry Publication Press, p. 256.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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