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Expert NameProf. Guosheng Wang
DivisionAcademy of Forestry Inventory & Planning
InstitutionMinistry of Forestry
Telephone86 10 84238304
Work Experience2006-2011,Chief participant of GEF project “Global land degradation assessment in Dry lands” 1995-2011, Participant of four rounds of China national desertification and sandification monitoring 2006-2008, the Advisory expert of Sino-Europe natural forest protection project 2009, the expert of the work group of the first scientific conference of CST, COP 9, UNCCD The advisory expert on Sino-Italy cooperation of afforestation in dry land with application of collecting rain water technologies.
QualificationsPost Doctorate in Climate change and vegetation, Université Paul Cézanne, Aix-Marseille 2003 Doctorate in Soil and water conservation, Beijing Forestry University 1992-1995
Number of Publications50
AwardsThe project study on torrent classifiction and forestry influence on water resource in Beijing mountainous areas was awarded second prize by Beijing municipal administration.
Other Activities1. Membership of soil and water conservation association in China 2. Membership of forestry association in China 3. Member of ecological association
Publications1. Wang guosheng, 2009, Response to Climate change in Dry land in China , Proceedings of Climate change workshop 2. S. SOMMER , C. ZUCCA, A. GRAINGER ,M. CHERLET1, R. ZOUGMORE, Y. SOKONA4,J HILL, R. D. PERUTA, J. ROEHRIG6 AND G. WANG, APPLICATION OF INDICATOR SYSTEMS FOR MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT OF DESERTIFICATION FROM NATIONAL TO GLOBAL SCALES land degradation & development Land Degrad. Develop. (2011) Published online in Wiley Online Library ( DOI: 10.1002/ldr.1084 3. Wang guosheng, 2001, Application of GIS in Forestry, China Forestry Publishing Company 4. Wang guosheng, 1999, Remote sensing application in sand and dust storm monitoring, Proceedings of China Geographic association workshop
Disciplinewatershed managment
Last updated11/08/2011 12:30:00

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