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Expert NameMr. Yuxing Zhang
InstitutionChina National Desertification Monitoring Center
Telephone86 10 84238693
Work ExperienceSince 1994, I had been pursed in forest management, nature resource and environment monitoring, designing and planning, regulation constitution and national standard constitution and scientific research in those areas. From 1994-2000, took part in the first and second round of national desertification monitoring. From 2001-2010, took part in national the sixth and seventh round of national forest inventory
QualificationsDoctorate in Management in Forest Engineer College of St. Petersburg in1993.
Number of Publications71
Awards1. The second award in national science and technologies progress 2. The first award in Liang XI science and technologies of State Forest Administration 3. The Second award of national advisory
Other Activities1. Director of China Forest association 2. Standing Director of China Forest Education Association 3. Director of China Forest systematic engineering association
Publications1.Zhang Yuxing, 2007, RS technologies application in forest inventory, China forestry publishing press, Beijing 2. Zhang Yuxing, Wang Zhuxiong, 2008,Forest stand update technologies study based on SPOT data, China Forest Publishing Pressing 3. Zhang Yuxing, 1998, Desertification climate distribution in China , Arid Zone Research ,152 46-50 4. Zhang Yuxing , Cheng Jiangwei , 1996, the Study on relation ship of wet index and arid degree, Journal of Desert Research, 161, 79-82 5. Zhang Yuxing, Sun Siheng,1998 The concept of desertified land in the context of UNCCD, Journal of Desert Research ,182, 93-97
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated11/08/2011 12:32:00

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