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Expert NameDr. Zhiyi Zhang
TitleProfessor, Director
DivisionForest Genetics & Tree Breeding
InstitutionBeijing Forestry University
Telephone86 10 62338105
Work ExperienceWorking in Department of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding of Beijing Forestry University since 1982. Teaching "Plant Cytogenetics" for Master degree students and "Forest Genetics" and "Tree Improvement" for ground students. The research fields on: (1) Genetic resources conservation of tree species, (2) Selection and hybridization of Poplars, (3) Triploid breeding of Poplars, (4) Tissue culture techniques, (5) Vegetative propagation of tree species, (6) Experiences of Nursery-stock growing and afforestation. Now researching on "The superior clones selection of Chinese white poplars for industrial wood in Northern part of China" and "The triploid breeding for the watershed of Yellow River".
QualificationsDoctor's degree of agricutlure. Studies on Chromosome Doubling and Triploid Breeding of Chinese White Poplar, Beijing Forestry University, 1994.
Number of Publications26
Awards1. The special contribution specialist of Forestry Ministry of China. 2. The winner of the 5th Prize for young Science and Technology of China. 3. The winner of the 4th Prize for young Science and Technology in Forestry of China.
Other Activities1. Commissioner of the Academic Committee of the Chinese Society of Forestry. 2. Commissioner of the Poplar and Willow Committee of China. 3. Commissioner of the Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding Committee of China.
Publications1. Zhang Z.Y., Studying Isozymes Gene Markers in Clones of Populus tomentosa Carr. Journal of BFU. 1992, 14(3):9-19. 2. Zhang Z.Y., Relativity Analysis Between Callus yield in vitro and Growth of young tree of Populus tomentosa Carr. Journal of BFU, 1992, 14(Supp.2): 40-44. 3. Zhang Z.Y., Studies on Chromosome Doubling and Triploid Breeding of Chinese white poplar (I, II and III, IV). Journal of BFU, 1992, 14(supp 3): 522-65, 1994, 16(2): 15-25. 4. Zhang Z.Y., An Investigation on Flowering and Bearing of Clones in the Arboretum of Populus tomentosa Carr., Journal of BFU, 1992, 14(supp. 3): 45-51. 5. Zhang Z.Y., Studies on Pollen Chromosome Doubling of Populus tomentosa and its Hybrid. Journal of BFU (English Ed.), 1997, 6(2).
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated09/11/2006 17:01:00

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