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Expert NameProf. Guangjie Zhao
InstitutionBeijing Forestry University
Telephone86 10 62338138
Work ExperienceSince 1995, I have successively taken in charge of at least 18 national, provincial and ministerial funds, such as national science and technology fund “Research on Wood Functional Improvement”, “the Preparation Technique of Wood Environment-friendly Material” and so on. All these researches have been transformed into papers cited by SCI, EI, CAB, IPST, publications, patents and techniques applied into production. _ _I have edited several teaching materials for undergraduates and graduates e.g. “Wood Resource Hylology”, “Wood Physics”, ”Wood Environics”, etc. _As a academic leader in our respective field, I managed to declare and obtained several national key disciplineS and ministerial Labs and centers.
QualificationsMaster Degree, Kyoto University, 1989.Ph.D, Tottori University, 1995
Number of Publications90
Awards1. 2nd prize for progress in science and technology by national education commission 2. 2nd prize for progress in science and technology by Beijing government 3. Director of national one hundred excellent doctoral dissertations
Other Activities1. Member of the Academic Degrees Committee under the State Council 2. Vice-director of Chinese Wood Science Association 3. Member of Japanese Wood Science Association 4. Vice-director of Chinese Biomass Material Association 5. Vice-chairman of Chinese Timber Industry Association
Publications1. Zhao Guangjie. 2001. Chemical Rheology of Wood-basic Construct and Research review [J]. Journal of Beijing Forestry University. 23 (5): 66-70. 2. Zhao Guangjie. 2002. Nano-dimensions in Wood, Nano-wood, Wood and Inorganic Nano-composites [J]. Journal of Beijing Forestry University. 24 (5/6): 204-207. 3. Zhao Guangjie. 2003. Dielectric Relaxation of Adsorbed Water in Wood Cell Wall [M]. China Forestry Press. Beijing. 4. Zhao Guangjie. 2006. Bioenergy from Woody Biomass and Preparation of Functional Ecomaterials [J]. Biomas Chemical Energy. S1: 115-118. 5. Zhao Guang-jie. 2010. The Course of Chemical Reaction and Microstructure Evolution of Wood-based Carbon Fibers during Carbonization and Graphitization [J]. Journal of Beijing Forestry University. 32 (2): 201-204.
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