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Expert NameMr. Shidong Zhao
TitleDir. of Committee/Vice Chair & Sec. Gen.
DivisionInt. Survey of Nat. Resources/Scient. Com. of CERN
InstitutionChinese Academy of Sciences
Telephone86 10 64948463
Work Experience1. Design and management of ecological monitoring and research network. 2. Response of forest ecosystem to climate change. 3. Plant taxonomy and distribution of N.E. China.
QualificationsM.S. of forest ecology, 1967, Institute of Applied Ecology of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Number of Publications62
AwardsOutstanding Mid-Age Scientist of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1996.
Other Activities1. Member of Steering Committee of Global Terrestrial Observing System (GTOS). 2. Member of Steering Committee of International Long Term Ecological Research (ILTER). 3. Member of World Commission on Protec Areas (WCPA). 4. Member of Steering Committee of Biodiversity Study in Asia and West Pacific Region (DIWPA). 5. Member of National Committee of China for IGBP.
Publications1. Zhao Shidong et al, 1996, Introduction to forest ecosystem research network in China, in Forest Resource of China, Forestry Press, Beijing, China. 2. Shao Guofan, Zhao Shidong and H. Shugart, 1995, Forestry Dynamics Modeling, Forestry Press, Beijing, China. 3. Zhao Shidong et al, 1992, Historical changes of vegetation of China, in Preliminary Research on Global Change Studies of China, Earthquake Press, Beijing, China. 4. Zhao Shidong and Yan Xiaodong, 1996, Responses of forest ecosystems of N.E. China to climate change, in Global Change and Living Environment in the Near Future of China. Meteorology Press, Beijing, China. 5. Zhao Shidong and Wang Limao, 1996, Definition and contents of sustainable development, Acta of Natural Resources, 11 (3): 288-292.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated12/01/2007 15:21:00

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