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Expert NameMr. Xianwen Zhao
TitleProfessor, Deputy Director
DivisionKey Lab. of Remote Sensing & Info. Technique
InstitutionChinese Academy of Forestry
Telephone86 10 62889162
Work ExperienceHe has done the work of forest management investigation and planning design for 16 years (1963-1979). Since 1982 he has been working at the Department of Remote Sensing, the Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF), in Beijing. As a project head, he has managed and joined several national key projects and tasks: - The comprehensive inventory by means of remote sensing in the "Three North" protection forest region - the common experimental area in Pingquan county. - The comprehensive inventory by means of remote sensing in the protection forest for blown sand prevention-rock mountains area in the North of China. - The study on ecology benefit of the "Three North" protection forest area with remote sensing data. - The study on behavior of forest fire with various remote sensing data and estimation of forest fire damage in Amuer forest bureau. - Monitoring and assessment of forest fire in the South-west of China. - Tropical forest assessment in south of China using satellite data. - App
QualificationsThe master's degree was acquired in 1982 at Chinese Academy of Forestry, subject: Remote Sensing in Forestry. Obtained his diploma in 1963 at Forestry University of Beijing, subject: Forestry.
Number of Publications50
Awards1. As responsible person conferred the prizes of national science and technique progress two times, the prizes of MOF science and technique progress seven times (including first grade two times, second grade one time) (1986-1997). 2. Outstanding contri
Other Activities1. Permanent member of sub-commission on environmental remote sensing, Geographic Science Commission. 2. Member of international association of wildland fire. 3. Member of Chinese Society of Forestry. 4. Deputy director of academic committee in Institute of Resources Information.
Publications1. Zhao Xianwen: 1997. Quantitative Methods by Remote Sensing in Forestry, Beijing, Chinese Forestry publishing house. 2. Zhao Xianwen: 1989. The Forestry Problems and Countermeasures in "Three North" area of China. Proceeding of International Congress on Arid Land Resources and Environment p. 169-170. 3. Zhao Xianwen: 1993, The Study on the Protecting Funcations of Forests with the Help of Remote Sensing Data in the South Margin of Inner Mongolian Plateau. Proceeding of the commission of the EC and PRC workshop on Contribution to Global Change. p. 135-140. 4. Zhao Xianwen: 1996, Estimation of Forest Fire Damage Using SPOT Images in Amuer Forest Bureau, China. Proceeding of International Conference on "From a Decade of Accomplishment… to a Decade of Promise". p. 643-649. 5. Zhao Xianwen: 1992, Forestry Divisions in County Level by Quantitative Method. Proceeding of International Congress on IUFRO Centennial Meeting. p. 124-132.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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