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Expert NameProf. Baoguo Wu
DivisionForest Management in the School of Information Science and Technology
InstitutionBeijing Forestry University
Telephone86 10 623 382 46
Work ExperienceI have hosted the 863 program of the 10th Five-Year Plan "Digital Forestry Platform Technology Research and Applications – The Research on Forestry Decision Support Theory and Methods and Application Technology (2003AA209060-4)", and the 11th Five-Year National Science and Technology Support Plan Project "The Research and Demonstration of Key Modern Technology of Rural Informatization -The Research and Applications of Key Technology of Fast-Grown Forest Production and Operation Process Informatization (2006BAD10A03)"
QualificationsBachelor of Forestry, Beijing Forestry University, 1982
Number of Publications46
Awards1. First Class Prize by Ministry of Forestry and Third Class National Prize for the “Research and Construction of forest resource management information system “as a major participant 2. Third Class Prize of science and technology progress by ministry of forestry for the "Research on the State forest farm management information system of southern timber forest base” as a major participant 3. Third Class Prize of science and technology progress by ministry of forestry for the project of “local level 3 forest resources monitoring system “as a major participant
Other Activities1. Deputy Director of National Forestry Information Data Standardization Technical Committee 2. Standing Director,Assistant Secretary General Forestry Computer Sub-Association China Society of Forestry 3. Standing Director of Computer Sub-Association of Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies
Publications1. Baoguo Wu, Yan Qi, Chi Ma, Hongquan Zhang. 2010. Harvest Evaluation Model and System of Fast-Growing and High-Yield Poplar Plantation. Mathematical and Computer Modelling,Vol.51,11-12:1444-1452. 2. Baoguo Wu, Quanlong Ding, Liying Wan. 2007. A forestation planning expert decision advisory system. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research, vol.50:1399-1404 3. Baoguo Wu, Chi Ma. 2009. The research on the afforestation decision-making knowledgebase design and inference machine solving algorithm in the forest cultivation expert system. Academic Journal of Beijing Forestry University. Vol. 31(S2):9-13. 4. Baoguo Wu, Chenzan Li, Chi Ma, Yang Zhang. 2009. The research on the forest cultivation decision support system.Academic Journal of Beijing Forestry University.Vol.31(S2):1-8 5. Baoguo Wu.Database Technology for E-Commerce (2nd Ed). 2007. Beijing: Higher Education Press.ISBN7-04-011827-0
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