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Expert NameMr. Wenbin Guan
TitleAssociate Professor
DivisionCollege of Water and Soil Conservation
InstitutionBeijing Forestry University
Telephone86 10 623 381 54
Work Experience- Teamleader: Research of the nature conservation ecology of the diversity of survival vegetation in Kerqin sandy land; Chinese National Nature Science Foundation Project, No. 39770148, 1998-2000; - Teamleader: Research of the multi-purposed management on Betula Platyphylla, forest in the Daxinan Mountains; Project of the Forestry Administration of Daxinanlin, 1997-1999; - Research of the theory and applying of shelter forest ecology field; Liaoning Science and Technology Foundation Project, 1997-1999; - Main Researcher: Research of the technique for combating desertification in the sandy land along the Yunding River, 1996-2000; - Research of the desertification appraisal and combating strategy in Northwest Liaoning; Liaoning Science and Technology Foundation Project, 1995-1998; - Study on the ecological relationship between process of desertization and vegetation dynamics in the West of Northeast China; Chinese Postdoctorate Foundation Project, 1995-1997, and six other projects
QualificationsPh.D., Botany, Northeast Forestry University, 1995 M.Ag., Botany, Northeast Forestry University, 1992 Liaoning Forestry School, 1985
Number of Publications30
Other Activities- Currently, Associate Professor, College of Water and Soil Conservation, Beijing Forestry University, Vice Director of the Open Lab of Water and Spoil Conservation and Combating Desertification, Ministry of Forestry; - 1995-1997: Postdoctorate, Applied Ecology Institute, Chinese Academy of Science - 3, 1992 - 9, 1992: Research Staff, Agropastoral Department, Liaoning Province; - 1985-1989: Research Staff, Institute of Forestation Research in Arid Areas, Liaoning Province.
Publications1. Quantitative Characteristic and Component Structure of Forest Vegetation in Northeast Lesser Xinan Mountains, 1992: Applied Vegetation Ecology, IAVS 35th International Symposium with Excursion on Vegetation Science, Shanghai, China; 2. Research on Spatial Distribution of Tilia amurensis Vegetation Structure Function and Dynamics, 1992, 93-96 Science Press; 3. The Quantitative Dynamics of the Amur Linden Population in Changbai Mountains in China, 15th International Botanical Congress, Yokohama, Japan, August-September, 1993; 4. Important Role of the Arbor Population in Forest Community of the Lesser Xingan Mountains in China, 15th International Botanical Congress, Yokohama, Japan, August-September, 1993; 5. Vegetation diversity in northeastern China: Diversity of Vertical Vegetation Composition in Cold Temperature Coniferous Forests Region. Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology, 1997, (5): 465-470;
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