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Expert NameMr. Yong Gao
TitleAssociate Professor and Head
DivisionDesert Control Department
InstitutionInner Mongolia Forestry College
Telephone86 471 430 14 03
Work ExperienceI have directed or participated on more than ten projects including: - Experimental Study on Dealing with Jilantai Salt Lake Sand Damages (1984-1992, the Ulanbh Desert); - Cultivation of cynomorium songaricum in Industrial Pollution Area (1995 - 1999, the west suburb of Baotou city, Inner Mongolia) - Remote Sensing Monitoring of Sandstorm and Disaster Evaluation System (1998-2002, the North-West China); - Study and Demonstration of Technology for Harnessing and Developing the Degraded lands in Chigeng City (1996-2000, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia); - Study on Dynamic Changes and Potential Trends of Inner Mongolia Desertified Land (1999-2000, the whole Autonomous Region); - Research and practice of the Teaching Programme and Contents for the Specialty of Desert Control (1999-2000); I have taught the following courses: 'Principles and Technology for Desert Control', 'Desertification Combating Engineering', 'Desert Area Economic Management', 'Desert Control', 'Ecology', 'Introduction to
QualificationsMaster, Desert Control, inner Mongolia Forestry College, 1993
Number of Publications28
Awards1. Awarded for the Remarkable Achievements in Science ad Technology, Invention and Innovation by UN Technological Information Promotion System, 1996; 2. Awarded the Third Prize by the Ministry of Forestry, China, 1995 3. Model of the Young Scientific an
Other Activities- Member of China Forestry Society - Member of China Geographic Society
Publications1. Gao, Y., Li, Y., 1998: Desertification and regional Economy, Journal of Desert Research. Vol. 18, Supp. 1: 172-174; 2. Gao, Y., 1996: The Environmental Evolution and Sand Injury Cause in Jilantai Salt Lake, Arid Zone Research, Vol. 13, No. 4, 54-56; 3. Gao, Y., 1998: Effects of Natural Vegetation Conservation on Desert Combating, Theory and Practice of Combating Desertification: 74-79, Inner Mongolia University Press; 4. Gao, Y., Yang, Y., 1997: Studies on the Natural Growth of Cynomorium songaricum, Journal of Nei Menggu Forestry College, 19: 22-26; 5. Gao, Y., 1996: Studies on Suitable Vegetational Cover Rate for Salix psammophila Forest, Inner Mongolia Forestry, Science and technology, No. 3: 38-42.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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