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Expert NameProf. Xinrong Li
DivisionDivision Of Ecology And Agriculture,
InstitutionChinese Academy of Sciences
Telephone86 931 8273894
Work Experience1997-2000, training coordinator, capacity building for implementation of UN convention to combat desertification in the Inner Mongolia(UNDP), devised and ran 7different modules of training on desert and grasslands management for local officials, farmers and extension offi-cers; 2000-2003, leading a team undertaking ecological and landscape mapping and resource assessment to provide recommendations to CAS and local government in relation to better techniques to promote restoration and biodiversity conservation in grasslands management. More than 500 people were educated through the two projects, and more than 20% of them are the females. 2003-now, more than 50 foreign students and officials from abroad come to Shapotou station to learn the techniques about combating desertification every year. And now, more than 10 scientific projects relating ecological restoration in desert areas are conducted.
QualificationsPh. D, Biology, Moscow State University, 1995
Number of Publications55
Awards1. Prize of Chinese Science and Technical Development Foundation, 2002 2. Honorary Prize of Chinese Excellent Scientific Staff for Desertification Control, 2003 3. National Grade II Prize of Science and Technology Progress, 2009
Other Activities1. Member of Consultative Committee of Yinchuan City Government, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China 2. Council member of Ecological Society of China (ESC) 3. Council member of Chinese Ecological Engineering Society (CEES 4. Council member of Chinese Grassland Management Society (CGMS) 5. Consultant of Agriculture Experts of Gansu Province, China (CAEGP)
Publications1. Li, X. R., H. J. Tan, M. Z. He, X. P. Wang, X. J. Li, 2009. Patterns of shrubs species richness and abundance in relation to environmental factors on the Alxa Plateau: prerequisities for conserving shrub diversity in extreme arid desert regions. Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences, 52: 669-680. 2. Li, X. R., Jia, R. L., Chen, Y, W., Huang, L., Zhang, P., 2011. Association of ant nests with successional stages of biological soil crusts in the Tennger Desert, Northern China. Applied Soil Ecology, 47: 59-66 3. Li, X. R., DS. Kong, H. J. Tan, X. P. Wang, 2007. Changes in soil and in vegetation following stabilisation of dune in southeastern fringe of the Tengger Desert, China. Plant and Soil, 300: 221-231 4. Li X. R., H. L. Xiao et al., 2004. Long-term ecosystem effects of sand-binding vegetation in Shapotou region of Tengger Desert, Northern China. Restoration Ecology, 12: 376-390 5. Li X. R., Ma, F. Y., Xiao, H. L., et al., 2004. Long-term effects of revegetation on soil water content of sand dunes in arid region of northern China. Journal of Arid Environments, 57:1-16.
Last updated17/08/2011 12:08:00

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