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Expert NameMr. Lianyou Liu
TitleResearch Professor
Institutionno institution
Telephone86 931 884 76 31
Work Experience1. Work Experience: - 1988-1990, Research trainee at IDRCAS; 1990-1993, Research Assistant; 1993-1994, guest scholar at the Laboratory of Geomorphology, Free University of Berlin, Germany; 1994-1998, Associate Researcher; 1998 to date, Research Professor. 2. Project Experience: (Advisory) - 'Accelerating effect of cultivation on arid land soil erosion by wind', (sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences) - 'Evaluation on Acolian hazards in arid region of Northwestern China, (sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences) - 'Structural mechanical characteristics and antideflational mechanisms of topsoil in semi-arid region' (sponsored by the National Science Foundation of China) 3. Project Experience (Participant) - Total of nine projects in the field of desertification, desert agricultural development and land use assessment by remote sensing. 4. Field and Practical Experience: - Areas of field travel and investigation: Ordos Plateau, Xilin Gol Steppe, Tengger Desert, Ulan B
Qualifications- B.Sc., Physical Geography, Lanzhou University, 1981-85 - M.Sc., Desertification, Institute of Desert Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IDRCAS), 1985-88 - Ph.D., Geomorphology and Environment, Lanzhou University
Number of Publications35
Other ActivitiesMember of the Geographical Society of China
Publications1. Liu, L.Y., Wang, J.H., Li, Y., 1998: Determination of the erodible particles on cultivated soils by wind tunnel simulation, Chinese Science Bulletin, 43(19): 16, 46-51; 2. Liu, L.Y., 1999: Quantity, intensity of regional aeolian sand erosion and deposition, ACTA Geographica Sinica, 45 (1); 3. Liu, L.Y., Liu, Y.Z., and Li, X.Y., 1999: Effect of gravel mulch on restraining soil deflation, Journal of Desert Research, 19(1): 60-62; 4. Liu, L.Y., Liu, Z.M., Zhang, J.S., 1997: Sources of dune sand and desertification processes, wide valley of Yarlung Zangbu River, Tibet, Journal of Desert Research, 17(4): 377-382; 5. Yu, G.S., Liu, L.Y., 1993: Holocene desert environment change in the Northwestern fringe of the Eastern Asian Monsoon Region, Science in China (Series B), 23(2): 202-208.
Last updated09/11/2006 16:41:00

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