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Expert NameMr. Wei Ming Song
TitleAssociate Professor/Vice-Dean
DivisionCollege of Forestry, Economics & Managt.
InstitutionBeijing Forestry University
Telephone86 01 62325173
Work ExperienceI have been engaged in teaching and research in economics and management fields. Besides the teaching, I have been involved in some research, (1) as a chief member I have finished "The research of economical development model in Zhibo Zhangdian City", (2) The research in "Forestry management by classification", etc.
QualificationsM.B.A. College of Business Administration, Seoul National University, Korea, 1997. B.Sc. Forest Economics, Beijing Forestry University, 1982.
Number of Publications20
Awards1. Two research awards from Beijing Association of Economics Teaching. 2. Two teaching awards from Beijing Municipal Government. 3. One teaching award from Beijing Forestry University.
Other Activities1. Research on China's economic reform. 2. Business advisory. 3. Member of China Association of Forest Economics 4. Vice secretary general of China Association of Forest Economics.
Publications1. Wei Ming Song, 1996. The Characteristics of the Enterprise Management System and Strategy in the Republic of Korea. Economic Theory and Business Management 1996 (1) p. 70-74. 2. Wei Ming Song, 1992. Circumstances for Improving the Quality of Products, Journal of Beijing Forestry University (Social Science Edition), 1992, p. 17-21. 3. Wei Ming Song, 1992, Chance, Structure and Circumstance in Investment of the Enterprise, Economic Theory and Teaching Practice, 1992, Politics and Law University Press, p. 53-68. 4. Wei Ming Song, 1991, The Theory of Investment Policy Decision for a Firm, Journal of Beijing Forestry University (Social Science Edition), 1991, p. 27-29. 5. Wei Ming Song, 1990, Improving Product Structure and Firrm's Vitality, Journal of Beijing Forestry< University (Social Science Edition), 1990, p. 30-36.
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