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Expert NameMr: José Francisco Santiago Fernández
DivisionWater Quality and Wastewater Treatement
InstitutionInstituto de Hidrologia y calidad de las aguas. Instituto nacional de recursos hidraulicos
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 7 579 284
Work Experience-designed the monitoring networks for control an assessment the surface water quality and underground water quality for the Provinces of Habana and Ciudad de La Habana -Head of project: demonstrated that in Undergroundwaters the chemical composition and the proportion in which the different species contribute, depend from lithology and dissolution conditions… -developed water quality model based in the classical model of Streeter and Phelps… -Head of project developing a technology for wastewater treatment -Head of the treatment in the Water Supply Treatment Plant “El Dorado”, Bogatá Waterworks Service, Colombia --Head of project: objective is to develop a technology for use biological filtration and capacity of soils to remouve contaminants, to reuse the water… -Principal Counter part of the project IAEA Cub 8/17 “ Alarm System for Accidental Toxic Chemical Spills”.. -made the 2 main standards that in Cuba regulate the discharge of treated and untreated wastewater in waters: th
Qualifications-Bachelor in Chemical Science, Univ. of Havana -Doctor in Science Ph.D -Analytical Chemist and Head of National Laboratory of Waterwork and Sewers -Researcher of Water Quality -Head of Treatment, Chemical Engineer in the Water Supply Treatment Plant " El Dorado"
Number of Publications30
AwardsAward of the First Competition of the Ministry of Construction, for the National Map of the Water Quality of Cuba
Other Activities-Member of Technical Advisor Council of the Minister of National Institute of Hydraulic Resources INRH -Member of the Scientific Council of the Water Quality and Hydrology Center -President of the Sub Committee for Standardization in the field of Water Resources of Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment -Member of National Union of Engineers of Cuba -Member of the Cuban Association of Sanitary Engineering
Publications-“Tratamiento de residuals porcinos y domésticos mediante el cultivo de Lemneca.” Memoirs of the XXV Congress Interamericano de Ingeniería Sanitaria y Ambiental, Mexico, 3-7 November 1996 -“Manual de potabilización de agues. Para operadores de plantas de tratamiento de agua.” Centro de Hidrologia y Calidad de Agua. Edited by Centro de Información de Agua y Saneamiento, Cuba 118 p. ISBN 959 -“Caracterización de la composición de las agues subterráneas naturals de las cuencas cársicas cerradas de las provincias de la Habana y Ciudad de la Habana.” Voluntad Hidráulica, p. 22, no 92-93, 2000 -“Relación de los components químicos principales y el transporte y la dispersion de sustancias químicas con las variables hidráulicas en el río Caout.” Memoirs of the XX Congress Latinoamericano de Hidráulica. IAHR, ISBN 959-7160 17-x, 2002 -„Experiencias cubanas en el tratamiento de residuales.” Cursos cortos en el marco del XX Congress Latinoamericano de Hidráulica, 2002
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