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Expert NameMr Eduardo Arturo Velazco Davis
TitleMain Researcher
DivisionCenter of Hydrology and Quality of Water
InstitutionInstituto de Hidrologia y calidad de las aguas. Instituto nacional de recursos hidraulicos
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 7 57 92 84 / 06 83 46
Work Experience-Chief of Hydrometrical Measures of Flow in Rivers for Hydrological Design -Researcher of the National Hydraulic Laboratory -Chief of the National Hydraulic Laboratory -Chief Engineer in Hydraulics of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources -Main Researcher of the Center of Hydrology and Water Quality -Technical Advisor of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources -Consultant in Hydrology, Hydraulics and other disciplines for t he Ministries of Metallurgical Industry, Sugar Industry, Agriculture, Tourism and Construction…. -Technical missions at the Committee for Mutual Economical Assistance between socialist countries
Qualifications-Engineer in Hydraulics, Institute of Reclamation, Moscow -PhD Hydraulic Behavior of side weir spillways, Institute of Reclamation, Moscow
Number of Publications122
Awards-Most Relevant Award of the National Forum of Science and Technique, for the contribution “The new weir for dams spillways” -Golden Medal of the Word Office of Intellectual Protection for the Patent ”Vacuum Weir” -“Carlos J. Finlay” Order of the Estate
Other Activities-Design of over 50 spillways and 10 intake structures for earth dams in Cuba and foreign countries -Conduction of over 160 researching works, incl. Direction of 9 research projects -Participant in over 30 national or international congresses in Latin America and Europe, presentation of over 60 contributions -External Professor of the Havana Technical Univ. “Jose A. Echeverría“ and Havana Agricultural Univ. -Secretary of Scientific Council of the Center of Hydrology and Water Quality -Vice President of the Cuban National Committee of the UNESCO international Hydrological Program -President of the Expert Council of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources -Member of the Advisor Technical Council of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources -Member of the National Union of architects and construction engineers and of the Cuban Society of Hydraulic Engineers -Patent “Vacuum Weir” registration nr. 22537 -Design of a Hydraulic Laboratory for the Guayas River Commission, Ec
Publications-"La erosión en el tiempo de un aliviadero auxiliar de cimacio erosionable" press: Ingerniería Hidráulica, no 1, ISPJAE, Havana, 1980 -“Investigaciones de los aliviaderos de trinchera” press: Voluntad Hidráulica, no 74, INRH, Havana, 1986 -“Diseno hidráulico analítico de aliviadores radials supercríticos” press: Voluntad Hidráulica, no 74 INRH, Havana, 1987 -“Dos casos particulares de la corriente en los aliviadores de trinchera”, press: Ingeniería hidráulica en Mexico, Mexico 1991 -“Una valoración aproximada de las medidas estructurales para la modificación de los aliviadores contra los impactos del cambio climático.” Press: Albear, No 1 Sociedad Cubana de Ingenieores Hidráulicos UNAICC, Havana, 2002
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated27/07/2011 15:06:00

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