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Expert NameMr. Orlando Rolando Laiz Averhoff
TitleTechnical Vice-Director, Researchr in Tropical Limnogy
InstitutionInstituto de Hidrologia y calidad de las aguas. Instituto nacional de recursos hidraulicos
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 7 57 92 84
Work Experience-Participant in Projects handling with: reservoirs and the most important standing waters in Cuba. Eutrophication studies of reservoirs due to loading of phosphorus and nitrogen affected by human activities, taking of different samples -produced for this project a software for calculate biomass after counting cells with inverted microscope
Qualifications-Bachelor in Biological Science -
Number of Publications31
Other Activities-Member of Societas Internationalis Limnologiae, the International Association of Theoretical and applied Limnogy since 1995 -Member of scientific Committee of Hydraulic Resources in Cuba -President of Technical Council of Water Quality and Hydrology Center, Cuba
Publications-“Limnology of Cuban Reservoir” Tropical freshwater biology 3 pp 371-396, 1993 -“Limnology of Cuban Reservoir II “, Acta cientifica venezolana ecology 44, pp 297-306 -“Comparative Limnology of 4 Cuban Reservoir” Int Rev Ges Hydrobiol 79,(1) pp. 27-45, 1994 -“Limnology: Science of Freshwater” Voluntad Hdraulica nr. 86, (33), pp. 10-13, 1996 -“Fish yields in Cuban Reservoirs and relationships with some morphometric and edaphic parameters.” Lakes & Reservoirs: Research and Management, (4) pp. 75-83, 1999
Last updated27/07/2011 14:35:00

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