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Expert NameMs. Carolina Luisa Martínez Torres
TitleAggregate Researcher
DivisionCitrus Experimental Station
InstitutionCitrus Experimental Station
CityIsla de Juventud
Telephone53 32 3110/ 32 41 09
Work Experience-elaborated, lead and participated in 29 research/development activities, mainly related to genetic improvement of grapefruit and Valencia orange cultivars combined to different rootstocks -conducted the selection of 22 forms of white and pigmented grapefruit acclimated to the typical conditions of Isle of Youth -advisory for the citrus nursery and the seeds bank
Qualifications-Agronomic Engineer in vegetable productin, Univ. Center of Isle of Youth, Cuba -Master in Tropical Citriculture, Institute of Tropical Fruticulture researches
Number of Publications16
Awards-3 “Forgers of the Future” awards given by the Young’s Technical Brigads for relevant Scientific Works -National Vanguard of the ANIR organization and owner of the award given by it -2 works selected by territorial CITMA as “Relevant” and another one a
Other Activities-Adjit Assistant Professor of the Univ. Center in Isle of Youth -Member of the Scientific Board of the University -Member of the Experts Board of the Agro-food Production Group in Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, Isla de Juventud -Participant in 8 sci-tech achievements of other works of the University -Tutor of 30 dessertifications and opponent of other works of the Univ. -Member of Technical Advisory Group of the Citrus Enterprise
Publications-“Grapefruits from the Isle of Youth.” Proceedings of the International Society of Citriculture, vol. I p: 106-109, Italy, 1992 -“Calculation of genetic parameters in Citrus.” Proceedings of the International Society of Citriculture, vol. I p: 103-107, Italy, 1992 -“Selection and sanitation of acclimated grapefruits in Isle of Youth.” Citrifruit 15(1,2 and 3): 6-9, 1997 -“Influence of some soil improvers in the growth of Grapefruit seedling.” I. Evaluation of different mixes, Citrifruit 17 (1,2 and 3): 3-6, 1999 -“Scion-17-22-6, 2000
DisciplinePlant Science
Last updated27/07/2011 14:36:00

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