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Expert NameMr. Alejandro Rafael Socorro Castro
TitleProfessor and Researcher, Head of Deparment
DivisionDepartment of Agrarian Sciences
InstitutionUniversity of Cienfuegos
CityCienfugos City
Telephone53 432 522 912
Work Experience-Advisory in Sustainability indicators at Urban Management Program for Latin America and the Caribbean -Participant and local coordinator in Cienfuegos for the LAC Project: Optimization of Soil Utilization for the Urban Agriculture -Participant in the Regional Consultation: Municipal policies for Urban Agriculture -Participant of the National Project: Knowledge and Information System for the Municipality Agrarian Development -Coordinator and researcher in the project: URBES, systemization of local Urban Agrarian Development -Participant in the National Project: alternative for the Agricultural management of small and medium scale -Coordinator and researcher in project: System for sustainable Agrarian Management in Ciefuegos Province -Researcher AGROPOLIS Program -Consultant in project: alternative Model to the Short Term recuperation of Milk production in Cienfuegos -Consultant in project: Phytogenetic Resources Studies in the Region of Cienfuegos -Participant in Bilateral Pr
Qualifications-Doctorate in Agricultural Sciences, UNAH -Master in Agricultural Sciences, UNAH -Diploma in Agroecology and sustainable agriculture, UNAH -Diploma in information Systems, UCF -Agrnonomic Engineering, UCLV
Number of Publications26
Awards-Award of the Principal at the University of Cienfuegos, 2001 -Provincial Award of CITMA -Relevant Award IV meeting of organic farming, 2001 -Award of the Principal at the University of Cienfuegos 1999/2000 -Special Award of the Cuban Minister of High
Other Activities-Head of Agrarian Sciences Department at the Univ. of Cienfuegos -Professor in Master Degree Courses: Agricultural Projects Management and rural extension -Professor in Agronomic Engineering, undergraduate course: Agricultural Production -Organizer of the biannual International Workshop on Sustainable Agriculture “AGRONAT” -Member of AGUILA -Member of the National Association of Agricultural and Forestry Technicians -Member of the Agricultural Extensioin Group -Member of Expert Group of CITMA -Member of the Scientific Council at the Univ. of Cienfuegos
Publications-„Modelo Alternativo para la racionalidad Agrícola” Univ. Cienfuegos 325p., 2002 -“Gestión Agraria en el territorio de la provincial Cienfuegos: Indicadores de Sostenibilidad.” AGRONAT, Agrarian Sciences, University of Cienfuegos, ISBN 959-257-038-8, 2002 -“Curso Básico sobre Extensión Agraria para Profesionales del MINAZ” Cienfuegos, 2000 -“Marco conceptual / Sustainable Agrarian Management” in AGALTER 99, proceedings, ISBN 959-257-019-1, 1999 -“La racionalidad en la agricultura” in AGRONAT 98, ISBN 959-257-001-9, 1998
Last updated27/07/2011 15:04:00

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