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Expert NameMs. Lazo Anicia Pardo
TitleTitular investigator
CityIsla de Juventud
Telephone53 46 321 18 36
Work Experience-leader of Project: different terms of the cultivation of the rice, citric, education of an agricultural community to preserve the environment -Participant, developing integral of the farm Bernafay in the desert of Kalahary, Ministry of Lands, Resettlement and rehabilitation of Namibia -Participant, technology transfer for the production of horticultural postures in the Youth’s Island. Group of Administration of Agricultural Projects, Cuba -Services Scientist-Technicians, consultant ship on predict of watering, leader of a group of attention to an Area of High Yield in the grapefruit and other
QualificationsEngineer, Irrigation and Drainage, Univ. of Havana
Number of Publications0
Awards-Member of Municipal Advisory Technical Council -President of Agricultural Advisory Technical Council in the Municipality -Secretary of public relationships of Cuban Association of Animal production in the Youth’s Islands -I reward to the best Work, n
Other Activities-achievements Scientist – Technicians -Works presented in national and international events -postdegree courses in thematic agricultural, social and economic -Predegree tutorship -enclosed university of Citrus teacher -driver of shops of projects of agricultural development -Teacher of basic courses: sustainable agriculture -Member of Cuban Society of Agriculture and Forest Technicians -Member of Cuban Association of Animal Production -Member of Association of Educators from Cuba
Publications-“Relationship between the stress hidrico and the reproductive brotacion of the grapefruit” Memoirs of the I symposium of tropical Citriculture vo. II p. 127-137, Havana, 1986 -“Grapefruits from the Island of Youth” Proceedings of the International Society of Citriculture, International Citrus Congress, vol. 1. page 108-109 -“Behavior of the grapefruit under different watering regimes” Science and Technique in Agriculture, Citric and other Fruit-bearing ones, 13 (3-4) oo 99-112, 1990 -“Behavior in the stage of development of the grapefruit”.. I center Agricultural 1/92 jan-april Villa Clara 1992 -“Relationship between the moment of beginning of the watering and the behavior of the toronjo Marsh” Memoirs of the III International Symposium on Systems of Production in Citric pp 155-163, 1994
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