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Expert NameMr. Roberto Garcia Lopez
TitleSenior Researcher
InstitutionInstitute of Animal Science
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 62 99 433
Work Experience-research work for 27 years in ruminant feeding and management in tropical areas. -mainly in pastures, legumes, agroindustry by-products, multinutritional blocks -Head of research departments and work groups for more than 10 years -Advisor for livestock production for more than 25 years in Cuba, Colombia (CORPOICA)
Qualifications-Zootechnist -Ph. D. Institute of Animal Science
Number of Publications47
Awards-Scientific and Technical Award, Minister of Higher Education, Cuba -Higher Education Annual Award, Minister of Higher Education, Cuba -“Rafael María de Mendive” Medal, Minister of Higher Education, Cuba -Academy of Science Annual Prize
Other Activities-Cuban Ass. of Animal Producer -Member of Latinamerican Association of Animal Production -Member of Scientific Council at the Institute of Animal Science -Participant in several international events as: EAWP; ALPA; FEPALE; PANVET etc.
Publications-“The grass in Cuba.” Tome 2. Utilization. EDICA, Cuba 1983 -“Saccharina in feeds for grazing cows.” Milk production, Cuban Jour. Agri Sci. Vol. 33 p 261, 1999 -“The use of saccharea in milk production as a cereal substitute for feeds.” Cuban Jour. Agri Sci. Vol. 31 p 235, 1997 -“The utilization of zeolite by dairy cows.” Cuban Jour. Agri Sci. 36: 1 p 2002
DisciplineAnimal Science
Last updated27/07/2011 14:32:00

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