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Expert NameMr. Tomás Elías Ruiz Vázquez
TitleSenior Researcher
InstitutionInstitute of Animal Science
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 62 99 433
Work Experience-experience with pastures and forages studying the performance of tropical legumes and specifically Glycine wihtii -developed several works in different microstations from the Ministry of Agriculture of Cuba and the Institute of Animal Science -guided students for Diploma and Postgraduate thesis and dictated conferences -participated in national and international courses -leader of Multidisciplinary Legumes Group, developed a complete technology about use of Leucaena leucocephala in the tropics
Qualifications-PhD. In Agricultural Science, -Senior Researcher, Institute of Animal Science
Number of Publications85
Awards-Member of Scientific Council -Member of the National Commission for Ph.D. degrees, Cuba -Vice-president of the National Society of Pastures -Diploma from the Municipality of Comala and Campeche
Other Activities-Head of National Research Projects on pasture science, Cuba -Head of Legumes Group at the Institute of Animal Science -Teacher at Tamaulipas Univ. Mexico -Teacher in an international course about trees. EEPF; Cuba -Head of the Pasture Dept. at the Institute of Animal Science, Cuba
Publications--“Sistemas silvopastoriles. Análisis conceptual de las investigaciones.” EEPF, 2000 -“Tecnología de explotación de bancos de proteína de Leucaena leucophala para hembras en desarrollo y producción de carne.” CITMA, Cuba, 2001 -“Establecimiento de especies de árboles y arbustos tropicales.” Conferencia Magistral. Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico, Tantakín, Méxco, p 25, 2001 -“Factores que influyen en la producción de biomasa durante el manejo del sistema silvopastoril.” Conferencia Magistral. Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico, Tantakín, Méxco, p 61, 2001 -“El género Leucaena como una opción para la ganadería.” Conferencia magistral. Univ. de Zulia, Venezuela, 1996
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated27/07/2011 14:44:00

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