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Expert NameMr. Ramón Omar Martinez Zubiaur
TitleSenior Researcher
InstitutionInstitute of Animal Science
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 62 62 99 410 / 24 773
Work Experience-researcher in the field of milk production with tropical grasses. -head in several scientific research projects -leader of project for development of a Cuban enterprise with 14 000 milk cows -director of a work team, creating a cattle development program in Mexico -participant of AGRORED -working in a technological transference program of FIRA, Bank of Mexico, other states in Mexico. -developed a biomass banks technology for grazing through all the year in the tropic as an answer to the lackage of pasture in dry season.
QualificationsAgronomy, Havana Univ. -Ph.D. in Veterinary -Senior Researcher, Institute of Animal Science
Number of Publications68
Awards-Annual Prize of Science and Technology
Other Activities-Latin-America and Cuban Assoc. of Animal Production Member -Experts group for animal food production by sustainable ways -Member of Directive Group of Technology Transference National group -Technical Advisor of the Ministry of Sugar Industry for animal production -Vice-President of the Scientific Council, Institute of Animal Science
Publications-"Racionalización del uso del concentrado para vacas lecheras en pastoreo." Ph.D. thesis Institute of Animal Science -“Concentrate feeding and milk production with tropical pastures.” Cuban J. of Agricultural Sci. 198:15. p 121-132, 1981 -“Alimentación con concentrados a vacas lecheras en pastoreo.” Los pastos en Cuba, 2. Ed. EDICA p. 299-330 -“Cultivo de tejidos y fitotecnia de las mutaciones en pastos tropicales.” Revista Cubana Ciencia Agric. 30: p. 1-11 -“Banco de biomasa para la sostentibilidad de la ganadería tropical.” Fac. De Ciencias Veterinarias, Univ. de Zulia, Venezuela, p 275-293, 1998
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated27/07/2011 14:37:00

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