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Expert NameMr. Andrés Francisco Senra Pérez
TitleSenior Researcher
InstitutionInstitute of Animal Science
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 62 99 433
Work Experience-Director of the Pasture and Forage Experimental Station “Indio Hatuey” in Matanzas -Participant of the development and publication of several investigations and their application in commercial production -Chief of Main State (0-18) management and obtaining positive results in dairy grazing cows management. -coordinator of the Investigation Group on the Voisin Rotational Grazing, with relevant results in the adjustment for the conditions -Chief of “Milk production systems under dry conditions, obtained positive results in annual technologies, projects of sampling methods for the availability and quality of grasslands
Qualifications-Agronomy Engineering -Dr. in Veterinary Science -Ph.D. in Institute of Animal Science -Senior Associate Professor
Number of Publications60
Awards-Orden “Carlos J. Finlay“, Havana -Senior Research, Agricultural Univ. of Havana -Senior Associate Professor, Agricultural Univ. of Havana
Other Activities-Executive of the Cuban Ass.of Agriculture and Forest Technicians -Member of the Cuban Ass.of Animal Production -Assessor of the Cuban Journal of Agriculture Science -Member of the Scientific Degree and Postgraduate Commissions -Member of the Scientific Council of Animal Science Institute of Agricultural Univ. of Havana
Publications-“Sistemas de alimentación y manejo para la producción de leche en el trópico.” Manejo y alimentación de ruminates. FEPALE, CENSA, La Habana p. 1, 1999 -“Milk production systems in Cuba.” Cuban J. of Agricultural Sci. vol. 26 p. 231, 1992 -“Métodos de muestra.” Chapter XV, los pastos en Cuba EDICA; La Habana, Cuba, p. 649, 1986 -“Restricted grazing under irrigation conditions for milk production. -“The effect of 8, 4 and 2 paddocks on the variability of milk production according to the occupation day in the paddock. Cuban J. of Agricultural Sci. vol. 19 p 145
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated27/07/2011 15:04:00

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