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Expert NameMs. Aleyda Marrero Teran
DivisionLiliana Dimitrova Horticul Research Institute
InstitutionLiliana Dimitrova Horticultural Research Institute
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 66 81603
Work Experience-Member of team, sustainable project of horticultural production offseason in Caujeri Valley in Guantanamo, Cuba - Member of team in the project for Sustainable development of La Palma, Cuba -Participant in project: Establishment of Extension subject in agricultural University of Havana -Member and head technician of following projects: research of plant breeding of cucumbers, soybean, tomato in soil less culture conditions, diseases of pepper, production of alliums
Qualifications-Lic. Biological Sciences, University of Havana
Number of Publications27
Awards-Member of the Scientific Council of “Liliana Dimitrova” Horticultural Research Institute -Member of the Association of Cuban Forest and Agricultural Technicians
Other Activities
Publications-“Technical assistance to agriculture producers in Cuba: conceptions and evolution.” Cuadernos de Desarrollo Rural 45 (2): pp 91-104, 2000 -“Training for selfsufficiency rural development” Collection World popular training, Caminos Editor, pp 5-20, 2000 -“The local extensionist as promoters of rural sustainable development.” ISBN 959-7111-18-7, 2002 -“Capture transference and adoption of technologies for a sustainable agariculture.” ISBN 959-7111-18-7, 2002 -“Survival of Xhanthomanas campestris pv glycines on soybean residues. Agrotecnia de Cuba 25 (1) pp. 23-26, 1995
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated27/07/2011 14:36:00

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