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Expert NameMs. Marisa Chailloux Laffita
TitleSubdirectory of International Collaboration
InstitutionLiliana Dimitrova Horticultural Research Institute
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 66 8 2600
Work Experience-researches about mineral and biological nutrition and fertilization in tropical vegetables -projects and organizations of researchers in agricultural -Sustentable Agriculture -Nutrition of sheltered culture vegetable
Qualifications_Agronomic Engineer, Univ. of Havana .PhD. In Agriculture Science, Science Agriculture National Institute
Number of Publications35
Awards-Member of Cuban Association of Science of Soils -Member of Cuban Association of Agriculture and Forestry Technicians -Coordinator in Cuba of PROFRIJOL -Professor postgradue of horticulture and sheltered culture vegetable -chairman of researches “hort
Other Activities
Publications-“Liliana Dimitrova” ISBN 959-7111-01-2, 1997 -“Golden Mosaic and others diseases of beans causes for geminvirus transmitted for White Whitefly” CIAT, 2002 -“Mineral nutrition and biofertilizatin in tomato culture” Temas de Ciencia y Tecnología, vol. 5, no 13, pp 11-27, -“Nutrition of two tomato hybrids under protection culture”, 2001 -“Nutrition and Biofertilization of the plants”
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated27/07/2011 14:28:00

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