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Expert NameMs. Olipmia Ernestina Gomez Consuegra
InstitutionLiliana Dimitrova Horticultural Research Institute
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 66 81603
Work Experience-Coordinator of a Cuban-french cooperatin project, tomato breeding: High temperature and humidity tolerance in tomato varieties -Chief of the national research project “Genetic struggle on tomato begomoviruses diseases”, resistance to tomato yellow leaf curl virus -coordinator of the work package ”Evaluation of IPM packages based on crop management and resistant varieties.” -horticulture productin in open field and sheltered culture -plant resource management
QualificationsPhD in plant breeding, National Institute of Agriculture Science, Havana
Number of Publications42
Awards-Professor postgraduate course “Horticulture” sponsored by IIHLD - Professor postgraduate course “Vegetable production in sheltered culture” sponsored by IIHLD
Other Activities-Member of the edition councils of the Cuban newsletters: “Agrotecnia de Cuba” and “Revista cubana de Agricultura” -Member of the Cuban Genetic Society -Secretary of the “Liliana Dimitrova” Horticultural research institute scientific council -Chairman of the Expert council of the National Research program “Horticultural Development” and member of the expert council of the National research Program “Plant Breeding and genetic resources” -Member of the national group for “Horticulture sheltered culture development”
Publications-“Creacion varietal en el tomate para el systems de produccion protegido” Memorias IV Congreso Cidapa, pp 21-25, 2002 -“Mejora Genetica y manejo del cultivo del tomate para la producción en el caribe.” IIHLD, 159 p, 2000 -“Problematica de algunas hortalizas en el tropico.” Agrotecnia de Cuaba 26 (1): 10:15, 1997 -“Cultivo protegido de las hortalizas.” Manual. ILHLD, 35 p, 1997 -“Breeding for less favourable environments”, Malaga 1st symposium 1995
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated27/07/2011 14:32:00

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