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Expert NameMr. Tomas Leon Depestre Manso
InstitutionLiliana Dimitrova Horticultural Research Institute
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 66 81603
Work Experience-Chief of the national research project “Pepper breeding” -Coordinator of a Cuban-french cooperation project, development of “LIRA” Population multiresistant to viruses -Horticulture production in open field and sheltered culture -Plant resource management, Capsicum genus biodiversity conservation, as germplasm necessary to breeding
QualificationsAgronomic Engineer, " Las Villas" Central University
Number of Publications39
AwardsTDC Consultant, project “Vegetable productin in Guyana” food and agricultural organization of the UN
Other Activities-Member of the “Liliana Dimitrova” Horticultural Research Institute Edition Council -Member of the Cuban Genetic Society -Member of the “Liliana Dimitrova” Horticultural Research Institute Scientific Council -Member of the Expert Council of the National Research Program “Horticultural Development”. -Member of the National Group for “Horticultural Sheltered Culture Development.” -Professor Postgraduate course “Horticulture” , sponsored by IIHLD -Professor Postgraduate course “Vegetable Production in sheltered culture” sponsored by IIHLD
Publications-“Construction multiresistant geotypes of sweet paper for cultivation in the Tropics.” EUCARPIA; PP: 293-297; 2001 -“Mejoramiento de Plantas: Tomate y chile pimiento.” Fac. Agronomia, Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala, 1999 -“An approach to pepper breeding in Cuba.” 18: 16-20, invited paper, 1999 -“Pimiento y bernjena en memorias” 25 Aniversario IIHLD, p 20-22, 1997 -“Breeding multiresistant bell peppers for intertropical cultivation conditions.” EUCARPIA 65-69
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated27/07/2011 14:30:00

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