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Expert NameMr. Antonio Severino Casanova Morales
InstitutionLiliana Dimitrova Horticultural Research Institute
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 7 8328325
Work Experience-Vegetables crops management at open field condition -Vegetables management in sheltered crops -Vegetables varieties trials -Vegetables Speedling production -Agroecological crops management -Integrated pest management in tomato crop -Horticulture adviser with Cuban enterprises -development of research projects that give answer to tropical Horticulture -biointensive vegetable crop production -training and extension in vegetable crop production
Qualifications-Agronomist at Las Villas Central University -PhD in Agricultural Science at Maritza Horticultural Research Institute
Number of Publications50
Awards-Member of the Scientific Council of the Cuban Academy of Science -Member of the Scientific Council of “Liliana Dimitrova” Horticultural Research Institute -President of the Scientific grade Jury of the Agriculture Ministery -Member of the Cuban Group
Other Activities
Publications--“Biointensive vegetable crop production” press Agricultura Organica, 1 vol. 3, 1995 -“Use of zeolite in vegetable speeding production Actas de Horticultura, SECH Spain 13, pp 85-91, 1996 -“Flower and vegetation greenhouse production under tropical condition”,, -“Evolution and challenges of sheltered crops in Cuba”, III Congreso Iberoamericano del CIDAPA y I Simposium Internacional de Plasticultura, Spain -“Genetic improvement and crop management for tomato production in the Caribbean.” Editorial “Liliana”, 150 p, 2001
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated27/07/2011 14:27:00

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