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Expert NameMr Ojeda Solano
TitleHead of Agricultural Meteorology department
DivisionAgricultural Meteorology
InstitutionCentro del Clima del Instituto de Meteorología de Cuba
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 7 86 70 714
Work Experience-Head of Meteorological Stations National Network. -Ph.D. in the geographical sciences from the upper Education Ministry of Cuba -Head of Agrometeorological researches apply to Citrus Crops, of researches and monitoring on agricultural Meteorology applied to sustainable agriculture.. -Head of Researches on Atlas of water available for sustainable and not rain agriculture -Director of the Provincial Meteorological center in Matanzas -Professor of Agrometeorology and Agroclimatology in geographical and meteorological sciences mastery of Havana Univ. -Advisory of the World Meteorological Organization on Meteorological Organization on Service of Nicaragua -Leader of advisory working group on food security and early warning system in the agriculture Ministry of Bolivia -Advisory of the food and agriculture organization of the UN on forest fire warning -Advisory on Agrometeorology of the President of the World Meteorological Organization regional association IV -Head of agromete
QualificationsLicenciate in Meteorology, Havana University, 1974 PhD, 1990
Number of Publications26
Other Activities-Chairman of working group on Agrometeorology of Cuban Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Univ. and Meteorological Institute in Havana -Member of working group on citrus bioclimatology, within Inter American Citrus Network -Member of working group on drought and desertification of meteorological Institute -Member of meteorological Society -Member of meteorological Sciences Mastery Academic Committee
Publications-“Assessment of the 1998 and 1999 Agricultural Drought in Cuba” World Meteorological Organization, Geneva Switzerland, pp 21-30, 2000 -“Operative Agrometeorological system for detection and monitoring of Agricultural drought in Cuba” World Meteorological Organization, Geneva Switzerland, pp 45-54, 1999 -“Early warning system over extreme events. Agrometeorological monitoring system for Cuban Agriculture.” XI National Congress, Meteorological Mexican organization, 2001 -“Agricultural drought. Case study of vive Cuban eastern provinces.” CD first Workshop seminar “ The Physics in the Meteorology” Cuban Meteorological Society, p. 23, 2001 -Cuba Country case study: impacts and responses to the 1997/98 el nino event.” El Nino, edited by Michael H. Glantz the UN University. ISBN 92-808-1063-4 pp 67-77, 2001
DisciplineAtmospheric Sciences
Last updated03/12/2014 11:04:00

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